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ERAU and Jet Training

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Nov 25, 2001
I recently recieved this survey in my box at work:

The University is investigating the feasability of bringing a jet aircraft into the training mix. The a/c would be a twin jet of the variety offered by Eclipse Jet. The a/c would be used in a program leading to the Private/Comm/Inst/ME ratings. The program envisioned using two a/c the 172 and the Eclipse Jet supported by highly sophisticated Level 6 FTD's. Some times are then broken down for the new course to be 190 hours when all rating are completed. Where as the current time is about 215 hours for all ratings. The anticipated cost of the jet program will be $41,000 with 70 hours in the jet.

I would like to hear opinions on this one. I think it should be in YGBSM.
Riddle jets

I was an instructor at Riddle-Prescott from late '88-mid '91. I know how Riddle operates. Great cutting-edge idea, but I can see it now. As always - too many students, not enough
airplane(s). I can also visualize the political battles over which instructors will be assigned to the program. And all the hard feelings. Don't forget, too, the layers of training manager bureaucracy.

Once again, great idea, but .... rotsa ruck.
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I have to agree with Bob.... Just like the 727 sims that they sell to the students.... Their money would be better spent getting more multi-time or something other than sitting side saddle in an old 727 sim....

Gotta crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run.... Lets worry about getting the basics mastered before worrying about flying jets at 100 hours TT.....

And before you start flaming... I went to ERAU and am an Alumni...
I like the way that Prudue gives out Jet time is better (only heard about it), the top 5% of the students in the flight program get to fly the president of the school around in his jet.
Falcon Capt,
While, in retrospect, my 727 sim money could have been better spent on multi time, I don't think it was a waste. Around 42 hours or so of Multi for what I paid, come to think of it. I feel the 727 course was valuable. We learned airline flow/checklist procedures and it was fun. Now, if I had it to do again, I would probably have saved that money towards a 737 type, or something of that nature. In short, I agree that the money could have been better spent elsewhere, however I don't think it was a waste of time or money.

p.s. I think the primary jet training idea is cutting edge, but for now, will probably cost a great deal more than it is worth.
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You don't need a 727 sim to teach the concept of flows. Flows were ingrained in us at Riddle. We had flows for the 172 and for the Seminoles. Seminoles were laid out especially well for flows. I remember the Seminole flow to this day. It was great training. People who went on to Horizon commented at how remarkably similar our Riddle flows were to their airline's.

Of course, jet time looks great in a 250-hour logbook, but it is what it is. Of course, it is good experience, but only looks gaudy in a 250-hour logbook. It'll give you something to talk about at the interview. Total time and, once again, guys 'n gals, MULTI PIC time, gets you TO the interview.
I agree with Bob completely....

Jet Time when you have 200 TT is merely a novelty.... Without some PIC (especially Multi-PIC) it isn't inherently of much value in itself....

Kinda like the guys that have 1,000 hours in a 172 and go buy a Citation Type Rating.... then can't figure out why they STILL can't get a jet job.... There is no substitue for experience....
Re: Re: Flows

FlyingSig said:

The only flow I remember at Riddle was what came out of the tap at the Deck and Point Break. ;)

The one flow everyone probally remebers is the raping you for cash that Riddle pulls. $45/hr for an instructer that they pay $12.50, all the other staff there is minimum wage, along with the fact that alot of the maitnece is done by the A&P students.
When I was at ERAU I was paying $50/hr for a C-172 and $25/hr for the instructor... The Seminole was $90/hr and $25 for the instructor.... This was back in 88-90.... back then FBO's were only marginally cheaper (a couple bucks at most)... the ERAU rates were pretty reasonable back then.....

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