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Entire Airtran MEC given letters of Suspension

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Sep 21, 2007
Airtran MGT gave letters of suspension to the MEC for allowing the pilots to where there brass during info picketing. I am not suprised though. Something else that I wont forget. Why would anyone want to come here.......?
You mean PCL_128 is suspended? I guess we will see more of him here on FI.....
Deal Reached to Clear F/O ####, ALPA I.D. Clips

AirTran management agreed yesterday, in a memo of understanding (MOU), to rescind the suspension of First Officer ######. The company suspended First Officer #### last spring, claiming that he had violated the FOM by wearing his uniform to an NPA family awareness event.

The company also agreed to allow our members to wear their full uniforms, insignia included, during future informational picketing. Pilots will still need management permission, granted on a case-by-case basis, to wear the uniform to other events. At no time, however, will pilots be allowed to wear the uniform to certain gatherings, such as rallies for political candidates or protests against other corporations.

Furthermore, the Union will soon distribute ALPA branded retractable I.D. clips. Management consented to this compromise measure, which allows our pilots to display their unity while addressing the company’s stated concerns regarding the safety of the Association’s lanyards.

Finally, management has issued letters of suspension to the MEC officers. The company claims the MEC encouraged the membership to violate the FOM by picketing in uniform without permission. The MEC is contesting the suspensions through the normal grievance process, and looks forward to the review by a neutral arbitrator.

In the meantime, we continue to work toward a positive resolution regarding all of our hostage pilots, including Captains #### and ######.
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Wouldn't suspending the entire union leadership be a violation of status quo since AAI is in contract negotiations?
No, but it's a clear violation of the RLA and clearly Hostile Work Environment lawsuit-worthy, although it'll be interesting to see if our MEC pulls the trigger on the lawsuits (been hoping they would for a while).

Both the MEC President and VP were on full-time buy anyway, they weren't on the line so don't suffer anything except having to get their records cleared eventually. They'll remain on full-time Flight Pay Loss in their union positions. The Sec/Treas will also be paid FPL for his time out.

What a mess...

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