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EMPIRE (FED EX Feeder) Info

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Oct 11, 2005
I wanted to know if anyone had any info on Empire Airlines: What they have been recently hiring at, what aircraft they are hiring into, do you leave the right seat of the ATR or F27 into the caravan and then into the left seat of the ATR or F27, what the pay is for FO's, and what the schedule is like.
we are currently hiring into both the f and atr. i know we are looking for street captians in the f. you do not go over to the caravan then back into the 121 world. usually people stay on one side.the schedule is different for every base most are out and back during the day very easy schedule. then some are mostly at night and hard schedule. you get hired for the base that needs somone, then can bid into another base but right now they are not allowing people to switch planes so pick a good one. you also can not get bumped out of a base on senority. the changeing of bases is based on senority only if there is an opening or new base which we have been opeining and probably will continue for a while. a lot of stuff still going on with expansion and fedex plans on more hopefully. good time to get in as the market opens opportunity for quick advancement. competitive time are >2000 tt 500 multi and recency is a must. also help if you have experience in diffucult terrain or challenging aiports.
Is Empire even hiring right now. I've submited my resume, and got the ever so friendly "thank you for applying" letter. Who do yo gotta "inflate" to get a job round here anyway?

Public transportation is for jerks and lesbians...
I had a call from the ABQ chief pilot on the Vans, and he wanted me to come in for an interview. He called a couple days later telling me HR in Idaho already filled the position.

Still hoping something else might open up. Empire sounds like a decent place to spend some time
as strange as it sounds for a supplemental. knowing someone helps right now. i think we will be hiring a few a month for a while into the 121 side as for the 135 i am in the dark.
is it possible to get hirded in the left seat on the 121 side with less than 2000 pic if you greatly exceed all of the other time requierments?
no you need 3000 tt for the insurance. 1000me pic. 500 crew and trubine. most off the street cpts have worked in same capacity or where right seat at 121 but we have been burned before on right seaters going into left at our company. apply anyway since upgrade time is fairly quick now.
How are the 121 schedules of of SEA? Do they have a 121 base in PDX?
with the new bases and expansion do you think we will ever see the atr or f27 in PHX?

is it possible to commute or do you need to live in domicile?



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