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Empire airlines

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feedervan said:
Anyone fly for these guys? I'm thinking about applying. How hard is it to get into the PHX base.

I've been working here for a couple of years now and it has really been a positive experience. On the 121 side, a lot of us have not been getting the time off that we would like because the company is growing so we are rather short staffed right now, but hopefully we'll be back up to full staffing again soon. The PHX base is a 208 base only. As far as how hard it is to get into PHX, is is hard to say because openings are rather random throughout the system. Anyway, I would encourage you to apply and best of luck!
Thanks TSKY,
I fly a caravan rigt now for a UPS feeder. I really like the aircraft and wouldn't mind staying in it. Whats the starting pay for the caravan? thanks in advance?
Feedervan: You can check out empireair.com for more details about where and whom to send your info to. Don't quote me but I believe Van guys start around 35k-ish. Since life on the 135 side is good and most pilots are content with their QOL, openings are sparse but do open up every now and then...on the other hand, the 121 side is in chaos, many people jumping ship.
I know may guys who work in the ABQ base and a few in PHX. All of them love the job! For a while it was taking some time to get to PHX due to low turn over . One of the guys I know in PHX got on and worked in ABQ for a year before he got the transfer to PHX.

This is the life of the guys who fly the Durango or Farmington run out of ABQ. Show up at the Airport early fly the your destination. Get your fly fishing rod out and drive to the Quality watters on the San Juan river. Fish all day long. Drive back to the airport and then fly home.......

hmmm sounds like a hard life to me haha

Best of Luck.
Not bad, widebody int'l work will be really cool. The firehose hasn't been opened up yet, but I'm sure its coming next week, untill then its Beer, and Steaks tonight!
Chin up Bling Air, your time is soon.
Hey, just out of curiosity, does anyone know the schedule of the Oakland run. I have never seen the airplane on the ramp there. Tho, one morning we woke up someone sleeping the room in the trailer.
8091 leaves OAK at 0230 local time. Gets in OAK about 2200 local. If someone was sleeping, it was either a visiting mechanic, or all hell broke loose with the AC.

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