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EMB 110 crash in MHT

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Dec 19, 2004
Just watching the news, reporting a 110 crashed into the Walmart at the end of 35. Reported engine failure on departure. Pilot alive, and reported in decent shape! I'm assuming it's AirNow.

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This is AirNows second Emb 110 crash this year. Sounds slightly familiar to the other one that happened back in January except that guy was on approach I think when he lost his and attempted a missed approach from what I remember. That one didn't turn out so well. Hope this pilot is alright. But I wonder whats with all the turbine failures over there.
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Glad to see he escaped with minor injuries (according to CNN at this time) Kind of ironic, with all the pilot pay comparisons to the Walmartization, that this guy ended up on a Walmart!
Probably the reason why the engine failed....(sarcastic)
Fox News called it a Cessna!!!
I think the steel containers softened the impact and saved dude's life.

Get well soon! We thank God for the miracle that kept you through an otherwise unfortunate demise.

Two down and more to go.

Thats what happens when you fly AirNows junk,and you put low time pilots in planes of that nature. Glad he's all right. But makes you wonder about all the past threads on here about AirNow. You might think twice about that place and old Skippy Boy.

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