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EJA Interview January 24..Time for ?'s

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Active member
Nov 29, 2001
Hello All...Just had a couple of quick questions. I am headed to STL on the 23rd for the EJA interview process. Just received the packet today for the sim and so-forth. Has anyone recently been to the sim in STL (Sabre 65) and how does it fly? Also, anyone scheduled for this particular date? What is the attire for the sim if on the second day compared with the interview attire? Blue suit and red tie??? Thanks in advance. HF
standard ?'s

Sorry I can't help you with any interview info. but I'm sure someone will be happy to help you with those questions. I'm wondering when you sent your app. in, when you got the "will call for interview" letter, and when you got called for the interview. I'm furloughed right now and am anxiously awaiting the call so I can type my resignation letter! Thanks in advance.
I did my interview there in apr, started indoc this past june.flying the line since sept.
the sabre sim is no big deal and i had know jet time back then. The attitude indicator is a little different looks backwards initialy.
watch your speeds below 10,000 250kts.
The sim ride was exactly what was printed in my profile. Takeoff 27R got to 3 or 4 thousand a couple of steep turns go to pdk vor enter a hold(they will give you a radial to hold on)(they are just looking for that you know how to enter a hold) i did not even complete a full patten in the hold. left the hold direct for the outer maker on for the full ILS on 9L in ATL. procedure turn and stuff shoot the approach, the eval stops at the mins, i still tried to grease it in. It is a strait forward sim eval everything works, remmeber the 2 crew enviorment and brief the approachs to the other guy, they may have you do that before you get into the sim. They will give you the numbers for the sim.
Someone with your time should have now problem. also wear the coat and both days unless they tell you to take it off.
Hope this helps
ATL Interview 17 JAN

I just recieved my sim packet yesterday,seems pretty straight forward, I was surprised to it was still a two day interview. Took the written test(profile) last month on the computer. Does anyone know where I can find information on the interview? Thanks in advance.
Interview Length

I interviewed Nov 12th in HOB. Some of the interviews, including mine, were completed on the first day. It all depends on when you are scheduled for the sim. I did the interview first with the two capts in the morning, then flew the sim late in the afternoon. I was done by 7PM or so, but still had to stay over for the flight home. As far as dress goes, all the interviewees I talked to the 2nd morning were still going in full suit and red tie just like the first day. Good Luck to everyone!
I haven't interviewed for EJA, but I did go through Flight Safety for the Sabreliner at STL. It flies just like a Sabre. They had three different sims there, a 40, 60, and I believe an 80 was still being put together (or it was something experimental; I never got in it). The 40 is a pretty hot little thing, and the 60 is more of a gentlemans airplane.

It doesn't have any real quirks; it will look old fashioned when you get in it, because not much has changed since the late 50's with the design. When I was there, the sim instructor had us fly it through the St. Louis arch, for kicks and grins. He also had us "fly" it while he levitated the airplane from the surface to about 2,000 AGL when setting something up. It could bank and pitch, but with the visuals, we were climbing out of a hover. The sim is just realistic enough to give the experience an odd feeling in the pit of your stomach.

I don't suppose they'll mess around with it for the interview, but most of the folks there are grey heads who have been in the industry a long time. Everyone seemed quite congenial, and the folks at the front desk bend over backward to help out.

Go a little early. The place isn't as easy to find the first time as they make it sound. Good luck.
STL EJA Interview Info

I interviewed with EJA in STL on 20 DEC 01. Check out the posts on www.Aviationinterviews.com I wrote down everything I could remember. I had reviewed the info from that site and WFFF before I went and had no surprises at all. The FSI guy I had for my sim ride was awesome, but one of the other guys was not very helpful, according to another candidate. Not going to mention names here, because I don't want you to wig out if you get the less helpful guy. Just work out your gameplan with your sim partner ahead of time. We helped each other a lot, even got "dual concurrence" on the holding pattern entries we were going to do. You're both being graded on both periods, so if you fly first, don't drop the pack. Bust your butt to help your partner kick butt too. It's not "either you or him."
About the sim: I flew in the Sabre 65, but there are 3 different ones. The 65 was ok, but it's still a sim. If you keep the attitude still, it doesn't wander, but don't try to trim it hands-off. Pipper dead on the horizon worked well for the steep turns, and at that speed, it's responsive. Once configured, it's a pig, so don't get too far afield on the ILS, or you'll over-control it trying to get back on. If you've been a glass cockpit guy for a lobg time, you might want a little practice beforehand (all round gauges). My sim partner was a Midway guy and seemed a little worried about it, but he flew great anyway.
Ultra school on Mar. 18th! Glad to be employed again. Good luck to all!!

Niteflyr, Just signed on with Aviation Interview.com but couldn't find the page that you and Tailstrike mentioned. Can you help out? Thanks

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