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EJA Days Off?

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IBT does not represent ME
Nov 27, 2001
I understand that EJA has three schedules, the best of which sounds like the 7/7 one. I am wondering if you are a senior pilot at EJA do you get more days off than a junior pilot? Once you are senior enough to get the 7on/7off, is that as good as it gets?

7 on is a long time for me now, I do not know if I could take it at 60.

While I am asking about schedules, has anyone ever been scheduled to start a tour, I think that is what you guys call it, at a gateway and been told to go home and call back tomorrow?

Thanks for the info.

New hires are put into the 17 day schedule. You typically work
4 to 6 days on, 3 to 5 days off. You can "SDO" (request) days off
in advance, and they will build your schedule around your SDO'd
days. You will receive a rough schedule 2 months in advance, and
an operational (solid) schedule 15 days in advance. The rough
schedule is 99.9% accurate. The company can extend you one day
per month on the 17 day, but only if your line has you working 5 days
or less. You must be granted 3 days off minimum, if you've worked
6 days out.

The top 50% of each fleet can hold the 7 on, 7 off schedule. It's
just like it sounds. You cannot SDO specific days off. The company
must get you home by midnight on day 7 or it's 2 days extra pay, or
one day extra pay, and a comp. day off (your choice).

The 21 day (flogger) schedule grants you 4 days off per month,
usually your choice. The rest of the month they can call you at will.
You make extra money, but get "flogged". For most pilots it isn't
worth it.

I live about 2 hours from my gateway, and in the 4 years I've worked
there, I've been "aborted" from my show twice. If you're briefed, you
will almost certainly fly unless the A/C breaks. If you commute into
your gateway, get a crash pad.

The more senior aircraft work less than the more junior ones. When
your senority allows, you bid a better "life style" aircraft. Also, the
west coast based pilots spend more tours at home than the east

EJA Aircraft based upon quality of life. (1 being the best, fewest legs
and more tours at home.)

1. BBJ-737
2. Falcon 2000 (this may change soon, Falcons are getting busy.)
3. Citation VII
4. Hawker 1000
5. Hawker 800
6. Excel
8. Citation X
9. Ultra / Encore

We have gobs of plus 60 guys here. The smart ones are flying 1 - 5.
The junior ones WILL be, once they can hold the bids.

My advice, if you want to fly hard: bid the Ultra, X, or Excel, and
be Gatewayed in: CMH, IAD, MCO, PDK (ATL)

If you want to fly as little as possible: bid the BBJ, Falcon, or VII
and work out of: SEA, LAX, or LAS.

Good luck.
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Can someone actually just bid the BBJ and expect to get it like any other airraft?...Just wondering, Im clueless to how all that works.
Bizjet737 is really the BBJ Program expert--but I'll give it a shot.

To date there have only been bids out for the BBJ CPT Positions-and only the top 50 or so pilots(out of 1500)presently are senior enough to bid and be awarded a position-with that being said-I have not seen a BBJ CPT bid come out since I have been with the company-Oct 01.
Also eventually there are supposed to be bids for BBJ F/O's coming out-but that can be a ways down the road-since the BBJ program is relatively new. I imagine these bids would also go senior.

Hope this helps.
Fly Safe
anyone can bid any open bid. whether or not you get it is another story - all depends on your seniority and whether or not you are seat locked (two year seat lock when you bid an a/c).

right now there are no fo's in the bbj - probably won't be for another year due to the lack of flying we're doing. we need to get our captains up to speed first. when the bids do come out, mid or low range capts may bid those slots - depends on what the pay rate in our new contract is.

i anticipate another capt bid to be posted, probably for four slots, in the next month. another bid could be posted a couple of months after that.

two more planes should be delivered any day, with another one or two by the end of the year. still scheduled for six deliveries in 2003.

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