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Easties Tear Up Another One

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I tell ya... For all the "experience" they claim to have... Honestly! How many airplanes have the wrecked in the last few years? 3 I can think of right off the bat. MDT, LGA (sully), and where was this one? TPA?
What is the count since 9/2005 merger? LGA, BDL and now TPA, am I missing something from the senior group?
Does either side of your pilot group ever get sick of this as much as the rest of the pilot world. It's not clever or witty. It makes me think the pilot profession gets everything we deserve. Look at how we ( and by we I mean you ) act. I don't care if your a senior east pilot or some mesa co-pilot hired a couple years ago.....this crap is old. Your airline has bigger issues right now and god forbid something happens to it....NO ONE will ever want to hire any of you.
Riiiiiiiiiight. Well, if the news media says it was a hard landing, I tend to believe them. I mean, hey- we all know that some of the finest and sharpest aviation consultants pull duty for the news agencies. That's why their information is so spot on accurate. If some aviation industry oracle at ABC news says it was a hard landing, then that's got to be it- and pilot error as well. Surely, that rules out something mechanical in the nose gear that may have sheared/collapsed/broke etc.................

Maybe the USAirways folks will get to share in a good dose of what is coming down the pipes from the Federal Government and the FAA, just like the regionals are going to get. Along with every other airline out there.........

Brilliant cost savings initiative- Let the news media provide the probable cause and save the NTSB the expense/trouble........
Maybe if these guys could fly as well as they whine I would consider flying on them.


For the west pilots' sake, I hope some karmic retribution isn't in the cards... Sheesh.

Even this piddly regional turboscooter driver knows that safety must be divorced from politics to the greatest extent possible. You guys, both sides, need to get a grip.

P.S: Be aware my remarks are confined to that minority of a$$hats who feel that the present seniority debacle is somehow germane to an aircraft mishap. Shame on you. Very unprofessional behavior.

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