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Eagle recall Aug 26? True or False?

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May 26, 2002
Heard a rumor that Eagle started recalls for an ATR class on Aug 26. I know it sounds unlikely but wanted to find another furloughed Eagle guy to verify. Thanks for any info.
That's going to be a hard thing to pull off with 550 TWA pilots getting pink slips...

Hang on, boys and girls, it's going to be a rough ride!

About 30-40 have been recalled. Multiple class dates for Aug and up to Sept 23rd. I am assuming more through the end of the year due to SJU peak season. The question? How many people have left Eagle and will not recall?
Do AA (TWA) employees have flowback rights? I heard somewhere that only the former TWA employees would be affected by the furlough. Can they even go back to Eagle? Regardless, this situation sucks for everyone.

No - TWA is not elligable for flow back. No more flow backs will occur unless AA furloughs more than 1200 from the bottom. They announced 550 so that leaves 650 more (lets keep our fingers crossed). Eagles next concern is Jan 1st when the ASM cap situation comes up again. More prop grounding and displacements/furloughs? This ASM cap is here for long now. It will not leave until "all" AA furloughs are back at AA or another agreement is reached with APA "American union". It will get worse before it gets better.
As of now, we are covered through then because AMR is changing the Connection (Chit and Trans States) codes to keep us under the limit of ASM's. In Jan, as we recieve 3-4 jets per month, we will begin to increase our ASM (jets fly further miles) so 2 props have to be grounded for every jet we get. Thus 5 CA and 5 FO less needed....that comes to 15-20 CA displaced to FO and 15-20 furloughs per month. Their plan to avoid this is to sale MIA and SJU (all ATR) to rapidly reduce our ASM and cover us for many months.....or merge us into AA to have no limits (we wish). Everyone is for a merge (ALPA. APA, and all pilots) but AMR managment doesnt like it. What a cluster **** right?
Yeah, I was familiar with all that, I just wan't sure what the significance of Jan 1st is. Is that the date at which we are projected to hit the ASM cap?
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I'm not talking about flowbacks. I'm referencing the loss of mainline ASMs that will result from 550 pilots being put on the street (and 80 or so F100s). You don't furlough 550 people without parking airplanes somewhere, and that cuts into Eagle's maximum allowable size.

IOW, things get worse before they get better...

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