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eagle flyers

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Active member
Nov 25, 2001
eagle flyers,

does anyone know when all the pilots will be called back and may even start hiring again - had a class date just prior to 9/11 after a furlough and now about to be kicked in the face by aviation again by my current employer. thanks
Dont hold your breath with Eagle. Still have 304 pilots on the street. No recalls in sight. Sorry to bring bad news. Try Comair. No light at the end of the tunnel here!
Agreed. I would venture a guess of at least a year to get everyone back on line, but I don't even know how realistic that is.

I guess we'll just wait and see. If you have 121 time, Comair will look at you. It's your best bet these days. ASA is supposed to start hiring again too.

Good luck.
how many?

I see that 304 are on furlough... how many though do you think are abandoning those jobs at eagle for opportunities elsewhere? How will that affect the situation at eagle?
Hey Sim66....

When was your class date at Eagle? I think I may have been in your class.

Just curious.
Guess we weren't in the same class. I was in an August class.
There was someone in my class who matched your profile though. He was furloughed from Commutair prior to starting Eagle as well.

Best of luck to you.
yes many of us were out there looking for jobs at that time. did you guys actually start class and sent home after 9/11 ? if so, did they tell you you had to re-apply/re-interview ?
quote by Rominato:
"how many though do you think are abandoning those jobs at eagle for opportunities elsewhere?"

If they're smart...all of them. I realize there aren't many jobs out there right now. But this is really not the best place to be right now. Go someplace that respects their employees if at all possible.

Sim66, yes, we began class and had just finished ground school when 9/11 happened. I think there was even a newhire class that began after ours. I did have a friend who was scheduled for a September 20th class that never happened. He's hoping to eventually start class at Eagle, but isn't sure about anything. Eagle hasn't been in contact with him since they told him the class wasn't happening. They told him they'd keep his name in a newhire pool, but that was about it and that was back in late September. No news since.

Herb hit the nail on the head. I decided to resign after 9/11. I began class at Eagle in August and really wasn't happy there and decided not to return.

I'm currently a CFI once again, building up more total time and multi time. I'm planning to get my ATP this summer and be, or atleast appear to be more competative whenever the time comes that airlines are hiring again. But I won't be returning to Eagle.
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