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Do you know how much your pilot makes?


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Jan 20, 2009
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You lost its ok. See girl in avatar shes callin me to bed enjoy your night.


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Mar 3, 2006
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Your right....republicans can't make mistakes...All the economic problems right now are the fault of Obama.
The economy, iraq, oil prices are all because of Obama. Damm Liberals.

If we all drove SUV's, cut down all the forests, said screw it to recycling, kill all the animals that step foot in your back yard we would be so much better off today. Screw the fishing industry or the beaches, lets drill in the gulf and alaska, it's our Oil lets drill it and burn it. Lets give all the kids in schools a gun so they can defend themselves in an attack. Crime will go down if more people would just buy guns. Why don't the liberals see this? Hey lets give the big boys at corporations a big tax cut. Then they will have more money to spend and it will filter down to the little people like us. We'll be rich!
Oh while were at it why don't we just carpet bomb Iraq. Kill all the iraq's, they don't deserve to live. They aren't human. Then we can move over to Iran, then Sudan then....Well Hitler was on the right track then wasn't he? Carpet bomb them all, let god sort them out. Everything is Obama's fault.

This is the single greatest post ever on the internet anywhere!


Apr 27, 2002
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: emiT
Yeah, the liberals were in charge for the last administration and are at fault for everything.......

You're just like your right wing colleagues in congress. They get you pissed off by telling you who to point the finger at and who to blame.....

Yeah, Barney Frank and Chis Dodd had nothing to do with the over-regulating(and warned many times by the Repubs) of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that caused the credit market to collapse.

That collapse has caused several other markets to collapse. President Bush warned the Dem controlled Congress in no less than 4 speeches( mostly for the public's education) and no doubt Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from his office on several occasions.

At least we won't have to move to France to experience European socialism, we'll have it here any day now.