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DL Paxs "Fuming" Over Jet Fuel Soaked Luggage

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Well-known member
Mar 3, 2006
Delta Airlines passengers "fuming" over jet fuel soaked luggage

by Scott Carmichael (RSS feed) on Feb 16th 2010 at 10:30AM

When it comes to luggage, airlines seem to be involved in some kind of secret contest to see who can cause the most damage. In the past, airlines have left luggage out in the rain for days, set bags on fire and one airline saw 100's of bags end up in a dumpster behind a pet store.

As of last Sunday, there appears to be a new winner in the race for baggage mistreatment - Delta Airlines. When passengers returning home from Puerto Rico retrieved their bags, they discovered that the bags were drenched in jet fuel.

Delta showed it really cares by sending the passengers home with their flammable luggage and a complaint form, telling them to wash everything, then to submit a reimbursement form within 24 hours.

Passengers think the jet fuel contamination happened at the Puerto Rico airport, and are obviously very worried that their bags sat in the luggage hold giving off harmful fumes.

If Delta did indeed load the bags knowing that they were covered in jet fuel, I'm sure someone at the FAA will want to have a word with them - a baggage hold filled with fuel fumes could have created a huge disaster. Then again, knowing how well airlines treat their passengers, I wouldn't be surprised if these passengers receive a bill for the jet fuel.
And they probably paid $100/bag for this to happen.

At least they got their bags.... I just hope none of them are smokers....

I am sure things like this happen at all airlines, but it seems people want to get away from the real story of the week---what is the deal with SWA and fat people? Why apologize after enforcing a long standing policy? Let's ask Kevin Smith.

Bye Bye---General Lee
Last edited:
This would never happen on Song!

Probably not. I bet many Military people have "accidentally" sprayed you with fuel, hoping someone had a cigarette onhand....

Bye Bye--General Lee
Sorry General, AF guys take pride in their jobs...unlike Delta guys. But then again, we aren't paid a pathetic wage. Shoot, if I made Delta money, I wouldn't care what happened to the bags either.

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