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Feb 16, 2002
Anyone catch the Connie Chung segment tonight about the AW pilots. Basically between her and Scary Mary, they made it sound like we all have drinking problems and are spouse beaters.

Chung even said that all pilots should be tested, not just a 10% sample. Mary said that it has come to the point that they should install a device that will prohibit aircraft movement if a pilot is drunk. I guess some sort of breathalizer. Nothing like getting the travelling public all worked up over a holiday weekend.

After seeing this total piece of crap journalism, I think the media needs to be drug tested.
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CNN Sux pond water as far as I'm concerned.

Fox is the only way to go, besides... Laurie Dhue, and oh those lips.... :D

Wang Chung


Remember when she got Newt Gingrich's mom to admit that Newt thought Hillary C. was a b***H?

Or more dear to my heart, when she was interviewing Bob Knight in 1988, he demonstrated to her how he might "touch" a player and almost knocked her out of her chair. She had accused him of hitting a player. She got him back by not editing out the part where he said, "if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it," after she said they would.

Be glad your not Maury Povich and have to go home to that every night.
I did watch the piece and I beg to differ regarding your "opinion" regarding the story as well as the segment as a whole- It now does appear that a major mistake was made by those two pilots who knowingly and willingly attempted to fly an aircraft under the influence of alcohol. (pretty straight forward)- How was tonight's segment "unfair".??- It is great to be "supportive" BUT don't attempt to hide/mask a persons' mistakes especially when innocent lives are at risk (common sense)- You choose to "play" then you must pay"

It sure appeared to me that the facts spoke louder than the words- A very sad day for commercial aviation in general however this was an "isolated" case and it was a "choice/risk" that the two pilots took-

As for the "opinions" regarding what Mary said should now happen- Guess what???- YUP- those were just her "opinions" so RELAX and enjoy a cold one on me-
Should not and does not represent the industry as a whole-


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Hey 350Driver-

How was tonight's segment "unfair".??-
I don't think I said it was unfair, I said it was a piece of crap.
I also wasn't disputing the fact that this was a huge mistake on the pilots part. In fact, my post really has nothing to do with the pilots and all to do with those two grandstanding and instilling fear that your pilot may be drunk.

I'll guarantee you that some knucklehead will stick his/her head in the cockpit and say "you haven't been drinking, have you?" thinking that they are funny.

We are held to certain standards, shouldn't the reporting.
Never mind, I know the answer.
The main problem is that the general public listens to idiots like Scary Mary. People like her really keep AOPA and the like real busy. Just remember the public has a very short attention span. If the media would focus on real issues, like how many people are killed in drunk driving accidents a year, the world might be a better place. This ain't gonna happen so don't get to worked up about it. Focus on when and if congress gets any dumb ideas.

Connie Chung

I've just watched the program. I thought it was insipid. It seemed as if Connie Chung was concerned more with the one pilot's personal life than yesterday's incident. How does that advance the story? Once again, the old question, "when did you stop beating your wife?" She was trying to play investigative reporter and it came off poorly.

Mary sure gave professional pilots a bad name when she opined that the breath machine should be installed in airline cockpits. Not to mention her comment about the numbers of GA pilots who fly while intoxicated. Just what Congress needs to hear after all the pub about the terrorists training (in GA airplanes) at U.S. flight schools.

Arv Schultz didn't come off too badly, I thought, but CNN chose the wrong expert. He said his group represents GA pilots. Completely fair answer to a stupid question. Whatsa matter? Couldn't find an ALPA rep or Michael Boyd? At least, thank G-d, some one said this was an isolated incident.

The segment about the NW pilot who went to prison for flying while intoxicated was a real gem. How NW reinstated him and how he retired and got his record wiped so he can now purchase guns. I'm sure the public loved to hear that one. It gives new meaning to people who've made mistakes in their lives and come on the board, asking if they should pursue a flying career after suffering a speeding ticket umpteen years ago. :rolleyes:

I agree, this segment was nothing like the standards that Edward R. Murrow set for TV journalism. It's okay for me to say that; I worked in radio news for twelve years.
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Clear to start #2 Cap!

OK, starting 2.............puff puff puff.

It will sure be strange to see those breath analizers in the cockpit hooked to the ignition system.

I know some guys are going to half to quite smoking if they keep this crap up.

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