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Did SWA ever have classes in Nov-Dec?

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Coffee Break is over!
Jan 28, 2002
Does anyone know if in the past did SWA routinely have New Hire classes in late Oct-Nov-Dec. Or did they normally close up the training shop for Thanksgiving-Christmas?
Nov. and Dec. classes


Hope this helps.

1995: 11-02, 11-16, none in Dec.

1996: 11-14, 12-05

1997: 11-13, 12-04

1998: 11-05, none in Dec.

1999: 11-04, 11-18, none in Dec.

2000: 11-09, 11-30, 12-14

2001: **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** you Osama!!!!!

This info is straight out of the SWA Pilot Seniority List.
I went through training in Oct '99. I finished up IOE on 1 Dec. There were classes going through during December. I haven't looked at the seniority list but I thought there were new classes that started in early Dec '99. They will reduce training during Dec to allow instructors/staff time off to enjoy the holidays.
Thanks for the info

Thanks abunch for the info, I start Terminal leave in Oct 02. It would be great to double dip for a few months till my terminal leave is up.

I have heard that some companies close their training shops Nov-Dec because of the Mad rush for Thanksgiving/Christmas. But it sounds from your info that historiclly SWA doesn't take all of Nov-Dec off if there is training to be accomplished.

I am guessing that I am somewhere between 150-200 on the Poolie list (you never know how many are on Stop Loss) . And I am hoping they deplete a bunch if classes start back up in July.

Thanks again, and I know classes are at the mercy of the economy, but it gives me something to start to make some tinitive plans around.

Have a great day.
Last year classes were scheduled for 9/13 and 9/27 and in October as well. The 9/13 went basically as scheduled (tho guys had a couple days grace because air travel was shut down, but the DOH for everybody is 9/13), and the 9/27 slipped one week. Two more classes after that as well (don't recall the start dates off hand -- Oct or Nov I think). Hope that helps.

CoopDog's info posted above is spot-on. In addition, October classes were started in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001.
or November?

What about January???

(if the smilie above this line is there, what is it supposed to represent?)


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