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Delta Selling Compass to Republic?

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Sep 16, 2005
Had a mainline NW pilot in my jumpseat this week who stated that Delta was in the process of selling Compass to Republic. Is this true? He seemed very confident. I hope not.
Probably not true, however, I am willing to wager a buck that come this time next year, every seat will be occupied by a Delta pilot who's been flowed back.
On contractual grounds? or do you not think DL will be making reductions?
I think that DAL will make reductions, as they have already announced, but I think they will continue to trim in other ways. I think that we will continue to see furloughs at the regional level. I have talked to check airman and the CPO and they both agree that there will be a lot of SIL'S in the fall and a reduction in the line values. They have also stated that the boys in ATL would rather have the DCI carriers take the brunt of the domestic reduction instead of mainline this time around. Look at the Mesaba announcement today for example, I think there will be more of that. I have a friend in ATL on the 4th floor that says they are trying to prevent furloughs because the 93 furloughs are the some of the worst employees that Delta has for sick time usage, morale etc. So they are trying to prevent all the 07-08 hires from becoming another group of bitter employees.
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So you think DAL will float 1000 extra pilots just to preserve moral?
So you think DAL will float 1000 extra pilots just to preserve moral?
Thats only part of it. They will be fat on pilots for the fall and winter and be about right for the spring and next summer. I think that we'll see another offer for the pirp if this first round doesn't get enough guys to go. Unfortunatley there are so many factors to consider that we all have to just sit back and wait to see what happens. It really all depends on the SOC.
Lake has a point.
They are looking at that. We will be overstaffed by the new projections at about 450 or so for next spring. If we do not cut the summer 2010 sked we will be even to short. I see a capacity pull down for next summer.
I also know that they are looking at furloughs, but want to avoid them at all costs. It has long been stated that the cost of a furlough is more than just throwing the pilot off the property. DAL is still paying for the furloughs of the early 90's as he has stated. The same can be said of the 00-01 era as well.
There are a lot of options in the works to make the DCI group take the brunt of the capacity cuts. It that happens there will be no furloughs at mainline. There are a few options out there to bring flying to the mainline. This may happen sooner rather than later. A lot is in the works.
As for CPS being sold. It is an option, but there is another on that is more attractive that is currently being looked at.
All of the above. Norths APA came out to day for October and there was an increase in the number of Capt's..... go figure..

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