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Delta Pilots Association-Yes!!!


30 years of Part 121
Oct 5, 2005
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OK Michael Corleone. I've been in and out of ALPA for over 15 years, and been an LEC vice chairman. I've done what I can at the volunteer/rep level to combat the erosion of our careers, now I'm just a line pilot who votes. I agree with you that ALPA has been corrupted by senior guys who sold out the junior guys for pay.

In my opinion, ALPA can't serve two masters and maybe another labor group (or a division of the current one) would serve the regionals and the mainline pilots better.

How would you fix the problem? Require all flying of any airline's passengers be done by pilots on the same seniority list? I'm all for it. Require all a/c flying an airline's passengers be on their certificate? Absolutely. But that ship has sailed. How do we get it back?

Your posts in this thread show an obvious distaste for ALPA, but you say that the young and naive need an organization to represent them. What's your solution, if not ALPA?

You say my perspective is ignorant. Fine. That's your right. I say my perspective is reality. The big question is, besides pound out post number 4563, what are you going to do about it? What are we all going to do about it?

I call my reps and try to help direct them, and vote 'no' for any increase in contract flying.

Maybe you can have a sit-down with the heads of the 5 families and work it out.


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Jan 9, 2005
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Yet in 2006, DALPA voted to allow 90-seaters into their delta connection.
Key word- voted. I'm not an alpa hater- I think most of it's problems come from within individual groups. What I think is ignorant is your blaming of kids out of college who just want to fly and get to a major like we all did-- who have no vote on what that career path would be.
Sorry, but its hypocritical, to vote jets off the property and then be militantly pissed when pilots take the only job available. Again: leverage. You're asking pilots to give up currency, and possibly their career, and not feed their family when major airline pilots had to give in FIRST.
It makes zero sense. This debate we're having is not about what to do now. I went to swa - that's how I handled it. What you have to do is convince your pilots that they will have to make scope pullback a priority. That the exclusion/disenfranchisement of pilots in the same brand has done more to pull down their wages than a thousand Virgin Americas. make them understand that regional pilots will continue to raise wages as best they can, but will never have the leverage bc of their short term contract status. They can be drawn down (comair), while others are built up (skywest)- who's next when skywest is too expensive? Great lakes? Cape air?
As for me, I make sure military background/ and old school turboprop regional pilots know the damage that outsourcing to this level has done. SWA seems to get it, and it looks like DALPA is getting enough new blood, and have enough furloughs back who were forced to fly at regionals that they are starting to get it. I'm hopeful this new blood can effect change, but fear the baby boomers greed still has the numbers.


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Apr 10, 2005
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9 to 5
Hey Init....Can't see wave's usual stupidity since I am taking advantage of that great Ignore feature but quit wasting bandwidth on that waste of skin.

He's a SWA F/O who thinks he knows everything now......
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Douglas metal
Feb 27, 2003
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Actually, waves post was pretty good!