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DA 2000EX Touch and Go's

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Oct 19, 2005
Hello Anyone who can help:

We do training touch and go's in the DA2000EX and do not disarm the auto airbrakes. It makes sense but company policy prohibits doing anything with systems configurations outside of the AFM or OEM guidance which obviously is good policy.

It's not a big deal to verify they go down on throttle up, but I was wondering if Dassault has an FSA that addresses this issue?

Since there is no provision in the approved checklist or operating manuals for disarming them for landing, and if Dassault hasn't addressed the issue in writing, then we may have to continue our present practices.

FYI I just was SIC trained in an Easy and they didn't disarm them either.

Thanks for the help.

I know lots of people do touch and go's in training - but I dont.

I just use a longer runway at a quiet airport and let them do fullstop taxi backs w/very little braking. Half the part of getting used to a new plane is the flows, etc...just wasn't worth the time savings to me. On the last landing at home would have them do autobrake landing, just to get the feel of it.

For currency we are within 90mins of sims so thats not an issue.

And yeah, start arming/disarming stuff is never a great idea (IMO)
Thanks for Sharing

Thanks Gulfstream. I agree for initial training (61.55 or whatever), but doing multiple pilots for company, not FAA currency it would just be very inefficient.

These guys are airline/military types who are typed and experienced in the airplane we just need to get them their landings and takeoffs to satisfy our FOM even though they are legal as SIC.

That said I agree that for some people the pace of the operation has to be slowed, i.e. tailor the training to the individuals. Not these guys they are sharp.

And yes always 10000 feet plus (company policy) on the usable runway lenght (and dry, and no tailwind, and PF 250 hours in type with 5000 TT, and must touchdown in TDZ, etc, etc, etc....)

With all due respect I am comfortable with our risk mitigation but I can't argue that taxiing back is smart too.

Thanks for sharing your opinion. Have a nice evening.

Yep, currency is something else, just thought when you said training in your initial post it was with new guys...

Gear down flaps down and dont touch the TRs...lol..done.

Have a good one!


Yep should have worded that one better...

Right on point I will make a note sir!

Take care,

I'm sure you're aware that the regulations for PIC and SIC require "Three takeoffs and three landings to a full stop as the sole manipulator of the flight controls"
Never quite understood why anyone would do touch and go's in someone else's multi-million dollar airplane.

If cost is that big of a concern that you would put the entire operation in jeopardy, would you really want to work there?

Just my opinion, I could be wrong. I'm wrong often (since I'm married). I just don't see the point in risking a f-up and creating a potential disaster to save some time and $$$.


Stay safe.
Thanks for yout input

Yes they would be top a full stop IF they were for FAA currency but these landings are to satisfy our FOM (company policy) Second in Command requirements for some contract pilots we use. As you know the FAA SIC landing currency requirements are pretty lax once you do the 61.55 (now THOSE are to a full stop for initial training or FAA currency)

The USAF does touch and go's in the C5 and KC-135, one of our pilots came from those aircraft and he was very involved in developing our procedures and policies around this issue. I have been doing contract flying in the USAF T1A as a civilian contractor and we do touch and go's in that too...

And COST isn't the issue, as the training guy I have no limitations there. The very fact that we allocate airplane time for this non-FAA requirement and that we do more than the FARs should make that clear. Ineffecient means TIME, we are doing multiple pilots at at the same time. We are a Fortune 20 company and I am very happy with my company thank you very much.

Again everyone is entitled to their own point of view. Thanks for sharing.

I am leaving in the Bonanza this morning and taking the wife and kids to the Smokies. Won't be back here at FlightInfo for a while.

Maybe I'll do some touch and go's along the way... :)

Please stop this thread I have nothing else to say.

Take care all,

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