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CRJ training at ACA

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Feb 13, 2002
IM just wondering if theres any information on the training at ACA. My question is on the quality of the training and how many people make it thru.
Failure rate is under 2%. The training program has been restructured and is much much better and getting better.

Training can take as long as 4 months.

Thats great knowing that the program is good and getting better. But what you tell me is contrary to what i've been told all along when i was there for training. Unfortunately , I was one of the 2% that didn't make it. Yeah..... Dont cry for me .... And nasty replies are welcomed . God knows i've gotten my fair share of those in here saying how Sh*ty i am. lol Goodluck to all you pilots out there.
Where did the figure of 2% come from? I heard the last CRJ class had a 40% pink rate (which is an IMPROVEMENT)

At least they've cut down the 26 memory items.

The Dornier training is much more starightforward.

(Survivor of both programs)
Hey VJD,
How did ACA "cut down" the 26 memory items?
Just curious...I know 3-5 are basically the same...
Haven't been in the guppy-killer for over a year now so I am out of touch with the training. However I believe they took a hint from the Dornier Department and put a lot of the memory items on a QRC.

It's hard to tell exactly what the bust-rate is these days. About a year ago ALPA started taking exit poles but the volunteers working on this were politely told to stop -- by ALPA! There is a vast disparity between what the company claims is the failure rate and what you hear from people who have gone through the program.

Hope the propaganda is true, I really miss flying that plane. A much nicer ride than the Dornier (except on climb out, of course.)


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