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Corporate to SWA

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Big Member
May 18, 2005
Anyone know what the chances are for a guy with prior 121 time that is current 91 getting on at SWA? Oh yeah, no type or degree either. Try not to laugh too hard. What about the same as above with type and no 121? Or with type and 121 experience? Any/all thoughts are appreciated. Both senerios are guys with 5000+, several jet types and a lot of it PIC.
You have to have the 737 type....they can overlook the rest. Getting into SWA is very competetive, however I interviewed and I do not have a degree. I am part 121 regional but to be honest with you I don't really think SW cares about 135 vs 121. The one thing they rarely overlook (I say rarely because people DO get hired without it, just not very often) is the 737 type. If your serious about a career with SW, you should get the type. Good Luck!!!
Seems like SWA interviews a good mix of 121, 135, 91, freight, military, etc. guys. I've heard of and seen tons of people from every walk of aviation getting a shot a the flying corn dogs. However, seems like SWA is hiring about 25% of the people they interview now. No way am I gonna drop $7000 bucks for a 1 in 4 chance at a job. I'd be happy to pay for a type if you hire me. But if you don't what the hell am I going to do with a B-737 type? I might as well take that $7K to Vegas and drop it on Black at the roulette table. I have better odds of making something out of it then. It's just not worth it, not to me. But then again, what the blazin' hell do I know? SWA has guys lined up at every jackoff with a 737 sim and a DE certificate with $7 grand to burn. Maybe I'm missing something.
I bet the 1 in 4 chance of getting hired at SWA is a bit better than taking that same 7 grand to Vegas and coming home with anything.
Whataburger said:
I bet the 1 in 4 chance of getting hired at SWA is a bit better than taking that same 7 grand to Vegas and coming home with anything.

. . . . . . Except maybe an unpronounceable disease (with apologies to Frank Zappa).

Heh-heh. That 737 type on your certificate may have the same appeal to future employers as a venereal disease, should you not get hired at SWA. Expect the question, for sure.
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I certainly respect an individual's choice they make in regarding to their career. Some people cannot afford to drop the money on a type, some will not do it on principle alone, or a list of many other reasons.
Would I have prefered to get the job first then get the type?? Of course. That was not the case this past summer but I guess things are changing as far as interviews without a type.
I will not speak for anybody else on this board but I will tell you what you were missing when it came to my decision to get the type without even an interview. It was a $7500 investment in myself. I have the confidence in my own abilities that if I were to receive an interview I would be 1 of the 4 that was hired. My current employer also kept me highly motivated to find another flying job.
If you do not want to get the type before the job offer that is fine. Like I stated guys are receiving interviews without a type these days. Fly as much as possible and update often. I have no regrets in my decisions but also realize I am very blessed and proud of my accomplishments.
Good luck to all.
Slug said:
I had it and got offers from two other carriers.


How nice for you, sir . . . .

I didn't say the type was the "kiss of death", but the question will come up, especially in the corporate world.

Also, it is easier for a milspec pilot to say, "Well, Uncle Sam provided a type rating under the G.I. Bill, so I chose the world's most popular airliner" then it is for a corporate guy to say, "It was a Christmas present from my oil-heiress wife".
What's the big deal if the question comes up in an interview at a corporate job? Anybody who understands the current market should be able to understand why somebody would have a 737 type. If a corporate employer would look down on a candidate who has one they're not worth working for in the first place! ;)

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