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Sep 24, 2002
Not been much on Continental on this board which has been surprising. So I thought I'd put out some info for others.

Got invited to interview 3 weeks ago to interview this week. Interviewed this week. Did a short sim in the MD-80 which was very straight forward. Easier to fly than I thought it would be. I forgot to slow to 200 for holding until I was crossing the fix, but I caught it myself and slowed during the turn. Prior to the sim they give you a profile to study for 30 minutes. You can't take any notes with you when they come take you to the sim but it's manageable to memorize. I was told I wouldn't get any feedback from the sim guys and I didn't. They were very friendly but got absolutely no indication from them how they thought I did.

The interview consists of 3 management Captains asking you questions. They put you at ease and mine were very friendly. It lasted about an hour.

Afterwards I was told it would be only a few days until I heard. Call for good news, letter for bad.

Got good news today and I could be in training by early September.

During my time there I was told by the Captain in charge of pilot recruiting they were going from 12 to 16 new hires each week soon for the remainder of the year. They are hiring for 300 retirements next year and 8% growth or so.

Alot to be excited about at Continental now!
so what sort of schlong did you polish?
bearcat said:
so what sort of schlong did you polish?

Tasteful. What he meant to say, Pig, was: any special qualifications or people you know that may have given you an advantage in getting an interview?
My friend was also hired this week. He had one internal recommendation. The rec was from another new hire.
Congratulations, when you applied for the position did you do so through the website. I have applied for a position there and am curious how long it takes usually before you are called for an interview.
Is the interview and sim scored? I mean, if you pass the interview...and get called back for the sim. Obviously, it is good news to get called for the sim. Are the two events scored, then go up against other interviewees?

A buddy just got called back for the sim, and is curious that if he does well on the sim, is he in?

Any input to the process would be appreciated. Thanks.

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