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Copied from CA1900's post on another thread. He's been there for about 30 years so he's a pretty reliable source.

"Pay's atrocious -- $16/hr for the first 90 days, $18/hr after that. $1/hour/year raise until upgrade, which goes anywhere from 1 year to 3 right now. Captains are $30/hr for the first year as captain (no matter how many years you've been with the company), $1.20/hour/year raise after that. The annual increase is not quite enough to compensate for inflation.

Quality of life isn't bad once you get into the top half of your base's seniority. Everybody works 16 out of 28 days, minimum. No extra days off for seniority. Everybody has the same minimum hours per bid. No shorter months for seniority, either.

Pass benefits are fair. We get non-rev travel for free on CommutAir for pilots, their spouses, kids, and parents. We can non-rev on Continental for their regular pass prices, which run (I believe) $12.50 one-way coach, $42.50 first-class, for domestic travel. International is substantially more. Our boarding priority is behind Continental's employees, Expressjet's employees, and behind retirees. We're dead last, and usually get left behind if the flight's even close to full."
CommutAir!!!! Man, I can tell you one thing!! Besides the pay being absolute crap!! That was 6 months of the most fun I have ever had flying!!!!
Don't miss the pay however!!!
I miss guys like my new hire buddy WSURF! What's goin on dude? Damn we sure did have some fun in the 'burgh.
Jim, do you run into Mark O'Neil at all!! He was in 737 Upgrade.... Then badabing... Your doing to Iraq young man!!!
XJETDriver said:
I have to same problem trying to look at pay rates. Nothing shows up ??

That is because you must search in the early 1990's for their pay rates. They have only been adjusted once since then, and only for the FO's and it was $1/hr. change.
Did my four years there. Best group of guys/gals! But just get the time and get out. They do not care for your QOL.
Good luck

Hey where is my ESOP money!?! :confused:
Ha that is funny. Basically same scale from 98 (and before). When was the last profit share??? I think the last one I saw was in 1999. They should say the minimums are "applicant has pulse".
Starting to get flash backs. Must stop thinking about my past jobs.
Just wish the owners went to jail.

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