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CommutAir in the Crosshairs

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"they go through the motions, repeat the power points as fast as they can and go home," recalled zaite, who was hired with just 507 flight hours, 25 hours of it on multiengine aircraft like the twin turboprops at commutair.
if the industry would just charge more for the ticket this wouldnt be happening.

People need to fly, period. They will pay whatever it costs.

In fact this is a prefect time. Prices have been so low that everyone gets used to flying. So, like a drug dealer who gets everyone hooked, now you price hike.

And everyone is happy.
Between the mugs relased of 3407 and this this doofus, you'd think regional pilots are one ugly looking bunch. Apologies for those who resemble said crew, but these three look borderline retarded.
I agree with Brokeflyer, but there are some on this board who say we will lose so much load the airlines will all just go bankrupt.
I don't understand why Continental doesn't drop these carriers. I mean it's their own image that is going to suffer... It's their logo painted on the tails of these planes.

I know, it's all about money!

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