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Comair pay scale

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
If you have the Comair CL-65 captain pay scale please post it here. I want to check it against other contracts. Thanks.
Here's what I have for DOS (last year).

On 6/22/02 they go up about 3%

If you go to http://www.skywestpilot.com/interview/pay.html you can see that the SkyWest scales are the same except they don't stop at the 16th year.
Year 16-18 won't have any significance, they will hopfully be an increase from the next contract, amendable 2005.

just a supplement to previous post:



by these years you should be able to hold CRJ 70 Capt. if there are enough to go around...

CRJ 70

Good luck...!
How about other provisions of the Skywest contract? Did management match everything that Comair got? ie, commuter clause, benefits etc.. Thanks.
Recognizing what pilots have at SkyWest is not a contract per se but an agreement, it is a very good package. It does not have a commuter policy. However, the minimum daily guarantee is a DAILY guarantee and not a 30 day look back. The daily guarantee is 3.75. There is a 1:2 duty guarantee for the first 12 hours of scheduled duty and a 1:1 guarantee for schedules longer than 12 hours. Trips that are cancelled for maintenance or weather are paid at the scheduled level. Each leg pays the greater of actual or historic block. That is, if you were scheduled for 6 legs of 1:00 each and alternate legs actually took 1:05 and 0:55, you would be paid 3*1:05 + 3*1:00 for 6:15 while the actual block to block was 6:00.
FO pay


This is a little off topic, but I am a new hire that is waiting on class and I was wondering this:

When do my first and second year pay scales begin?
Does my second year pay scale begin 12 months after FIRST DAY of CLASS or AFTER Checkride?

Thanks Jet
Everything goes by your date of hire, unless you go on strike...

When you upgrade, it goes by the start of IOE, or when someone junior to you finishes IOE first. Hope that helps.
i had no idea that the comair pay-scale was identical to the skywest pay-scale. did you sign this before or after our contract? if before, so much for an industry-leading contract.

i bet you guys get more days off a month than we do as well, right? currently 10, 11 in july.

fly safe andy!!!
We did indeed establish those rates after Comair's. We use most of the ASA scale for the Brasilia and most of the Comair scale for the CRJ (except for first year FO).

As far as days off, it is 10-11 for the reservists since 20 times the daily guarantee of 3.75 is the monthly 75 hours for those on reserve. For those with flying lines, days off ranged from 11-18 for the CRJ. Brasilia days off varied by domicile with 11-12 at the samllest domicile and 13-21 at one of the larger domiciles.

The way it works is that in payment for not voting a union on property SkyWest management promises to keep the SkyWest compensation on par with the leading edge of the industry. So everybody else pays dues, negotiates, strikes, or whatever to keep raising the bar and the SkyWest pilots kick back and reap the rewards without ever taking their turn at bat. Good deal, huh?

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