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Comair Furloughs...

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CRJ puppy

Well-known member
Nov 18, 2002
I started a new thread as the old one has already degenerated into a peeing contest. I know there are comair folks out there on trips, etc that are looking for news without all the bashing. Thanks.

Well since no one here was at a meeting, here's the latest:

Block hrs. for CMR now reduced 26% instead of 14% starting Dec. 1st.

11 aircraft parked on Dec. 1st. Will contniue to use them as spares until picked up by lessors.

A/C utilization going from about 11 hrs/day to about 8.5 hrs/day never to return to previous utilization for forseeable future.

Renegotiating leases to get more favorable rates. Actual negotiated lease costs will determine how many a/c leave the fleet. Worst case scenario for now is 30 a/c leaving the fleet...all 50 seat planes.

Starting Dec. 1, GSO base decreases by about 15 crews or 25%; JFK increases by 10%, MCO was supposed to close but now going to keep it open, just in case...

Pilot furloughs: 220 - 440
Flight attendants: 110 - 220
Field Agents: 130 - 160
Managers/Support: 90 - 130
Mechanics: 40 - 50

Above ranges are based upon exactly how many a/c leave the fleet and how many people take voluntary separations, voluntary furloughs and leaves of absences. Incentives for the voluntaries is pending bankruptcy court approval but includes enhanced medical and travel bennies.

Timing. Voluntary separations & furloughs: Dec. 1st; Involuntary furloughs after the holidays. Bid for voluntary separations, furloughs, etc is to open up Oct. 19th.

In negotiations with unions for pay and work rule changes to achieve cost savings of $17.3 million from pilots, $8.9 million from Flight attendants and $1 million from mechanics. Looking for things like min. line reductions to lessen the furloughs and other benefit changes.

Fred takes a 15% pay cut, other officers and directors take 10%. Salaried take a 7%, hourly take a 4% cut.

Defined retirement contribution at high risk, 401(k) match ok. Changing precription drug plan (no cost changes to employee) and no plans to change health care provider for 2006.

Working on preferential hiring for furloughed CMR pilots at other DCI carriers.

That's about it.

Life sucks, then u die.
Throw that Pup a milk bone. Thanks for the update. I wonder if there is no talk about the retirement contribution now so they try to make the pay cuts more palatable. Then they simply just take it away after we vote (61-39)to accept our pay/benefit reduction package. If they do that, the union boys better grow a set and negotiate some profit sharing. I'm not holding my breath.

Lets review the big picture real quick:

LOA earlier this = 12% pay cut (pay freeze right?)
current pay cut= 10%-15% pay cut
ret. contribution= 6% pay cut

That is a 25%-30% paycut for an airline that makes money?

We lose 30 Jets (for now) and Mesa increases MCO ops with 30 Jets.

Has Fred really done anything but Decimate Comair since he has been here?

Holy Shiite
When will the incentives for voluntaries be out??? Any more specifics on this?? Enhanced medical and travel bens?? How much more enhanced??
RichO said:
When will the incentives for voluntaries be out??? Any more specifics on this?? Enhanced medical and travel bens?? How much more enhanced??

Expect further details when the bid comes out on Oct. 19th.

The jist of it (from memory) was that voluntary separation would get you travel bennies equal to years of service. Voluntary furlough would get you travel and health bennies longer than what is contractually required. This was all still pending bankruptcy court approval which was why it was vague(my opinion).
Couldn't find it in my contract, but I believe 30 days of each was mentioned...

(But don't hold me to that!)
Anyone that cares, Fred will be in GSO tomorrow to do a Q&A at 10:15

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