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Comair Classes

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Well-known member
Apr 19, 2002
Looks like Comiar is staring up classes on th 17th of June. Who has received class dates???
Can any of the Comair guys provide an outline of the training process??
Also, does anyone know if the new 70 seat RJ is being given to new hire classes???
I think i read somewhere in another thread that the 70 seater won't be on property until October...maybe later. I would expect all new hires will be going into the CL65 for the next couple months.
Positive rate is accurate as can be, who knows anything until it happens around aviation.

There isn't even a bid for the 70 seater. So Until further notice, everyone will be flying the CL65.

A bid may be out in a couple months, training wants all of us 120 guys in a training class, so they can evaluate who we have and how many we need, etc. in accordance with RJ deliveries.

Good luck!
Guam...have you heard anything about classes beyond june 17th? Do you expect they'll be once a month, once every couple weeks, or just every now and then?

Thanks in advance.
There is a June 24th class as well. I know of an individual in that class on the 24th. I believe they interviewed the first week in March. As far as I know, there has been nothing set after the 24th yet. :confused:
Thanks for the info! Anyone else get notified for class dates yet? 2 classes in june is a lot better than none, which is what a lot of us were thinking just a couple weeks ago.
why on earth would you want to be in a 70-seater even if they were offering it to new-hires?

can you say "reserve and schedules from hell"?

better you than me i guess...
It all Depends!!

If most guys on the line don't bid the 70 seater because they don't want to be seat locked then being in the first couple of classes would be good...this happened at Midway when I flew the 737 (I was in the first 737 class) and we ended up having good schedules. The other guys more senior didn't want to bid for a right seat in the 737 because it would have meant being seat locked and not upgrading to Capt in the near future...not sure what the Comair contract says...but I bet there is a "seat lock" if you go from the right seat of the smaller RJ to the larger one without Junior assignment. You guys on the line can surely provide a better view point.
A new hire may not have a choice at time of hire, anyhow, it is first year pay and just an RJ at that point.

what's up Anaconda, starting trouble again?

when are you going, or think you are going?
Is it true that reserve can be from 15mos -18mos
at Comair.
I was talking to a Comair Capt. the other day and he said
it might even be close to 2yrs.
Anyone has any info on reserve?

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