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Colgan EWR-BUF again!

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Nov 27, 2001
Incident: Colgan DH8D at Buffalo on May 12th 2009, lost wheel on landing
By Simon Hradecky, created Wednesday, May 13th 2009 09:13Z, last updated Wednesday, May 13th 2009 09:13Z

A Colgan Air de Havilland Dash 8-400, registration N187WQ performing flight 9L-3268 from Newark,NJ to Buffalo,NY (USA), had landed on Buffalo's runway 23 and was taxiing to the ramp via taxiway Alpha, when the tower queried the crew, whether they had lost a tire. After an affirmative reply from the crew emergency services inspected the taxiway and decided to also have a look onto the runway, then reported that fluid, possibly from hydraulics, was on the runway and a whole wheel had been located with debris around the intersections of runway 23, runway 32 and taxiway Alpha. Both runways were closed, runway 32 reopened about 10 minutes later.
What they don't make clear in the report is whether or not the crew was aware of the missing tire before queried by ATC. I find it hard to believe a crew would deliberately ignore such a thing.
What, were they hoping nobody would notice?

I've lost a tire on landing, we never noticed it till we got to the gate. They may have felt a vibration and blames it on "square" tires...

Who knows? Lets just not give them the benefit of the doubt and insult them Squirrel... Typical. :erm:
Just ask the Pinnacle crew that landed in MKE a couple years ago. No one will notice. Good video of the a/c touching down leaving the runway in the snow and going to the gate. Pilots left the a/c and went to the hotel. The cockpit floor was pushed up over a foot from the incident.

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