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Colgan and US Air?

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Don't hassle the Hoff
Jul 9, 2002
I have a friend who's going to intrview with Colgan in a few weeks and the question he asked me to post is this:

What happens to Colgan if US Air doesn't make it in the end, and what bases are they currently hiring for.

Appreciate any answers or help.

Thanks, Freightdog75.
I have a friend at Colgan that told me if USair goes away Colgan has enough EAS contracts to keep them busy. I have an interview tomorrow, I think new hires are going to Maine.

Colgan will continue to operate.. You might see some or all the Saabs go away without a code share, but the company will do just fine.

US Air will do just fine.
Thanks guys. I too hope US Air will make it and did not mean to offend anyone with the questions regarding them.

good luck to all.
us airways

It was reported last week... John Ornstein, will make an offer to the court for a 38% stake in US mainline for 200 million...He represents texas Pacific group...who rescued america west years ago....his other partnership had bought a huge block of stock at cc air when i was there ...got on the board... had the inside track...then made his play... these guys are very calculating and shrewd... you can bet the farm that us airways will survive but its pilot group and others are going to have to swallow a big load... j ornstein specializes in one thing...making money.. he's a former stockbroker..who lost his license to sell securities with frirst jersey securites in the late eighties. you may recall they were pushing all these penny stocks... it's just like out of the movie wall street...who kows..maybe he has a treadmill in his ofice and smokes regular marlboros
Close, but not quite...
Ornstein and a billionaire named Marvin Davis made a bid for US which was rejected.
Texas Pacific is a seperate group with no connection to JO. The unions are much happier with Texas Pacific as they have historically been labor friendly in this kind of situation. ALPA in particular was strongly opposed to the Ornstein offer, for resons which are probably obvious to anyone reading this board.
A pretty good story on the offer is in today's Charlotte Observer, I think you can find it at Charlotte.com
flywrite.....thanks for the info..i'm checking my sources..jo's entity called Bartow Partners bought the block of cc air stock.. I wonder if he owns any interest in Texas Pacific.. if it's a private corp, you can't get a list of shareholders, but I saw the marvin Davis offer yesterday after the texas Pacific story... in any event, do you think David seigel will do the kind of job with us air, as gorodn bethune did in the early nineties with CAL?
Yeah, I was at CC when Barlow started investing heavily. From what I've read about Siegel, and what I've heard from buddies at US he may be able to pull it off. At least there is a more constructive atmosphere between labor and management than there was under Wolf/Gangwal. It also appears that the Texas group are very labor friendly. I hope it works out for those guys. The odds arent good for an airline in bankruptcy, but it looks like the team they have assembled has as good a chance as anyone of turning things around.
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