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Clipper 103 terrorist let go

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It is unbelievable, I can't even begin to wrap my mind around their rationalization of it.... They let him go on "grounds of compassion". Just like the compassion he showed to the 270 he blew up. They didn't get to spend their last minutes at home, why should he?

I guess a life sentence doesn't mean what I thought it meant.
Some Government or a Private concern (ala Blackwater) should track the Ba$turd down and execute him, just as he did to the people on 103.

Sometimes in the real world a trial is not justified or necessary for the truly evil among us!
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Just to play devil's advocate for a second here...

There are some pretty serious doubts out there about his guilt.

The release could just be politics. Libya paid blood money to get out from under sanctions after all, and maybe sending this guy home to die (which is done with some frequency in Scotland, 3 months to live being the condition I believe) is a move to gain favors from Libya. Or, equally plausible, a condition of his release was dropping the appeal. Perhaps that appeal would have produced some info that would greatly embarrass the governments that prosecuted him, or would reveal secrets best left secret. Google the PFLP-GC and a man named Abu Talb, for instance.

I don't have a dog in this fight, in that I didn't know any Lockerbie victims. Within the next couple of days however, two of my family came home for XMas on PA103. It could just as easily have been their flight. So you'd better believe I want whoever did it to pay. This could be a simple case of a genuine compassionate release, about which I have very mixed feelings, or it could be one of those cases where governments decide that justice must take a back seat to policy. We may never know.
It is my understanding terrorists (or "people who facilitate man-made disasters" for the Obama crowd) like to be martyrs. They like to be noticed for their deeds because it is not necessarily the deed but the message. If a terrorist (or "person who facilitates a man-made disaster) denies he did something it kind of defeats the whole purpose. In the case of Lockerbie, I would imagine a terrorist (or person who facilitates a "man-made disaster") would be salivating over claiming responsibility....unless it was a state sponsored terrorist act (or "man-made disaster"). Then I would expect denial and if that is not possible, a fall guy. So, as to his guilt, I don't know. Just my 2 cents.
Mamma- gfys- some liberals are pussies- not all. Go pound your chest about us somewhere else- I'm as pissed about this as anyone.
'man-made' disasters- I'd say you just described the Bush administration, but that's seriously classless considering the subject matter of this thread.

I swear, conservatives will politicize ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. It's pathetic. You'd do better to email the president and Hillary when this happened, like I did, instead of taking pot shots at him and everyone who voted for him on an anonymous Internet thread.

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