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Jun 19, 2002
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I have talked to half a dozen terminated guys that have been recalled and all have received their original seniority date.

I have a call into my F/O Union Rep and we have been playing phone tag on this one for some time. All recalled F/Os should receive their original seniority date as best I can tell...


May 4, 2002
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Can anyone speak on a few things:
How easy is it to switch from one base to another?
Any idea on the CMH schedules? i.e., stand-ups, 3 or 4 or 5 day trips?
Also, the website gives minimal info on sending in resumes/apps.


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Aug 5, 2002
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Skull-One said:
Which we resolved as a pilot group. All the terminated pilots are to be recalled by September with BACK PAY.

So while you guys were treated unfairly, at least your family here fought to get you back (and make you somewhat whole).

As stated previously, management has definitely stepped on some toes, but that changes nothing in terms of how great it is to work with the pilots and flight attendants here. If management sucks, so be it, but at least the crews are family...

Stepped on toes Holey crap im at coex and we had almost 400 fuloughs. If they did that stuff here I have a feeling no one would have shown up to work the next day. By the way, how many pilots/and planes you guys have now. And what are the pay scales like? say for a 6yr capt.

Brother Francis

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Aug 7, 2002
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We are a cohesive group. The term "family" is quite accurate. We look after our own.

I agree that to say
" on some toes..." is a rather profound understatement. The effects will be long-standing.

IBT took the company to court over the issue and lost. We have our opinions about that, which I will not go in to here. We did what we could, within the bounds of the law, to get our guys back. Suffice to say we did not take it sitting down and management was very effectively made aware of our fury.

Failing to show up for work, however, would have been an illegal job action and would have done more harm than good. Matter of fact some did advocate a similar course of action and found themselves adrift in some choppy legal seas.

Those of you thinking of working here-

We have called all of the 125 back. I have flown with some of them in recent weeks. The last class for them will be late Sept/early Oct.

Class 2 rumor (multiple independent sources purporting to have heard second hand from management personnel who have heard) indicates we will begin drawing from the pool in Oct.
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