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Cathay Pacific Interview Info.

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Jun 3, 2002
Hello everyone,

Someone told me there is a book out there about Cathay Pacific interviews. Is this true? If so, is the book current or based on the way Cathay interviewed years ago? Can anyone give the up-to-date gouge on Cathay?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
The book is old, but the interview remains somewhat close to the book. sim profile i believe is still the same. questions in book are dead on. know the cathay fleet, and engine choice. know the rb-211 H(T) triple shaft, modular construction etc.

just out of curiosity, what is yor backround of flying. usa/canada, charter. also for the interview, be very pro hong kong. if you aren't, no job. it would really help if you are asian. especially, obviously chinese
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Thanks for the post. Do you know where I can get the book at? I've tried some major libraries but haven't found anything. Would this be at some bookstores? Anywhere else?

Look forward to hearing from you.

My aviation background is mostly freelance flight instucting with over five years as aerospace engineer. Main focus as an engineer was commercial transport avionics. I'm Asian Indian but not Asian Chinese.
Is there some sort of boycott going on right now against Cathay Pacific? I thought ALPA and IAPLA were asking all pilots to not interview until the 49 pilots that were let go were given their jobs back? I'm not up to date on the situation, maybe someone else here knows more...I believe there is an article in this month's Airline Pilot magazine (the ALPA publication) about this.
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Be carefull!!


Cathay used to be a fantastic place to work a few years back. My dad was there during the 70's and loved it. Although things seem to have gotten very nasty over the last few months. If you want some idea try going to the "Fragrant Harbour" forum at www.pprune.com There are some of th...olic posts I've ever seen. Good luck. Kenny
And then save yourself the agony and do the right thing.
Plain and simple. If you go to work for Cathay Pacific, you will be a SCAB! You will be a SCAB for the rest of your career! I would'nt even think about it. If you do don't even think about getting a US airline's jumpseat.

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