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Caravan Down in Central Texas (merged)

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Drop eet like eet's hot
Mar 28, 2005
Just flew into KAUS a minute ago and there were a whole mess of emergency vehicle lights about 10-15nm North of Austin. I asked the controller what happened and he said a FedEx Van went down. He didn't know much, but said that the pilot had injuries, but sounded like he made it. Our prayers go out to the pilot. Anyone know anything more?
It was a Baron C-208. Engine stopped due to unknown reasons and Mike broke his ankle with many abrasions, other than that he's o.k. Thats all I know. I talked to him just yesterday; a very nice man.
Dangerkitty said:
Have you ever thought about a job in journalism?
ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! Sounds like it was a Twin engine Single with a 6 cylinder turbine engine...

(All kidding aside, glad to hear the pilot will be ok...)
Sounds like he's pretty lucky.
Glad he's going to make it....I wish people would stop pushing it and crashing into houses though. Find a road or field and go with it.

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