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Call signs?

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Nov 29, 2001
Hey Everyone,

Just a few call signs that perked my interest lately:


Joseph or something sounding similiar


United.......just kidding


United.....was it a female voice? (I know, I know, but it was sooooo easy)

"Justice" is the US Dept. of Justice (corrections) flying prisoners around in 727s. Great show about them on Discovery or Learning Channel if you can catch it.

"Blue Streak" is a USAir regional flying Dork Props, not sure which regional.

Don't know about Joseph; don't think I've heard that one.

PSA Airlines U.S. Airways Express, Flying the mighty Dornier 328 turbo Prop.

The other one???


Smoking Man
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Regarding "Justice" I heard that one for the first time today in MHT. They were indeed flying a 727, from the light green stripes it appeared to be ex-Miami Air. They aren't kdding when it comes to security. A guard 50 yards off each wing, nose, and tail while it was parked, giving me nasty looks as I taxied by. Quite an outfit.
Joseph is a miltary callsign. Justice also flies other a/c besides the B727.

Jeff Russell
ATC, Atlanta ARTCC
Vegas Heat??

I've heard the callsign "Vegas Heat" several times on frequency in Phoenix. Anyone know who that is?

Justice flies an MD-80 out of Williams Gateway Airport in Phoenix. As Cardinal stated, they have armed security guards surrounding the plane when they are boarding. Its hilarious watching the plane takeoff. I swear I've seen it do 45 degree bank turns after takeoff. Then again, why not. Its not like the passengers can really complain about it!

Do you remember when that US Dept. of Justice show on TLC or Discovery Channel was going to be on, or did I already miss it? Just curious, i'd like to watch it if I can.
Those justice MD80's used to belong to Spirit, we leased the marshalls a couple after 9/11. Our management leased some dash 82's out and kept some -81's. Guess which dash number carries more gas?

Here's another callsign for you.


"Janet" is, I believe, the govt. airline that runs 737-100's from Vegas up to "area 51". The planes look like they used to belong to Western Airlines.. All white with two red stripes...

I've recently heard "eagle jet" flying around the west.. Is that Eagle Flight, only with a the erj?

Also.. "night cargo"?
Night Cargo is Air Cargo Carriers. They are out of Milwaukee but have bases all over the US. They fly shorts 330's and 360's.
Eagle Jet

Eagle Jet is Eagle Canyon airlines, part of Scenic Airlines. They fly Fokker F-27's to the canyon, on NCAA contracts, and as Air Laughlin.

Janet is an interesting bunch. when I was flying out of vegas I heard them picking up clearences. 4 airplanes all using the same exact callsign, and the clearence was "Janet XXX, you are cleared to your destination as filed, climb and maintain as filed, squak as filed."
"Eagle jet" is not American Eagle. I think it is a group out in the Vegas area...anyone else know for sure? I would venture a guess that they do charters or do type ratings/training.
The Janet flights are the shuttles into Groom Lake (Area 51) as I recall, so I imagine that most of the information about them would be kept secret.
Eaglejet is the call sign for the F-27's out of LAS. They fly to the Ditch (Grand Canyon ) and to other tourist locations in Utah and Arizona.I know, I know, an F-27 is not a jet but that's what they call themselves...