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It appears that Calforums has now changed policies and the boards are open only to guys currently on the CAL and XJT seniority lists. In addition, the board is no longer anonymous, and all posters will be required to sign their names to their posts.

They say they did it to cut down on abuse, which is understandable, but it really stinks for those of us who liked getting information on the company ... I have a lot of friends who work over at XJT.

For those who are interested, before outsiders were cut off I did learn that XJT's newest system bid resulted in a net gain of 170 positions, so it seems that recalls are likely in the near future at CoEx.

Good luck to all ...

That really su(ks. I liked reading the posts about Coex and what is going on there. Oh well, I guess I'll have to read about Coex on this board (there are never posts about Coex though).
Well, I'm a posting addict on Calforums and on the senority list and I havnt figured out how to get back on the site. This s*cks.

I like the idea of everyone posting with ther name as I always do on that site, however I don't think the site should be avaliable to CAL & XJT folks only. We'll see what happends.

BTW, I also notice that there is rarelly threads on this board about Express, but I think that is because we are not hiring YET. Once we being to hire I think there will be more chat about the comapany. Hiring should begin soon I think, 5 jets a month (8 in OCT) and somethings got to give.
I would like to see some more stuff about XJT in the future. I am instructing and flying C402's for a Part 135 company. I am considering XJT as an airline that I would like to fly for. Hopefully you all get called back soon.

Gonna really miss the "crackpipe"....

especially Stupid Friday pics!

I understand the logic behind it, though....


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