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CAL rumors......

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The Prince of all Saiyans
Mar 24, 2005
I'm hearing more recall before the summer rumors at CAL from folks I know there.

Latest is that there will be a recall bid issued sometime in the 1st half of May, with hiring to begin sometime in the fall. This is due to there being two hundred and twenty something vacancies in the company right now (as of the last bid) and extra early retirements.

I've been hearing this since January, as everybody I know says there is NO WAY they are going to get through the summer unscathed as short staffed as they are.

Just tossing a possible bone of hope....again this is just what I'm hearing from people I know there that are close to management. A loss will be shown this quarter, but methinks that there is no way in hell they are going to be able to show a loss for the summer if oil stays where it is unless they just cook the hell out of the books. They are just doing their damndest to paint a grim picture because of contract negotiations, but are running out of excuses. Oil is down, and if the economy recovers, they are going to be making money.

Any notes from anyone?
I hope you're right but wouldn't hold my breath. Hopefully the nightmare that was IAH on Friday and Saturday will open some eyes on Smith Street but taking advantage of VJM w************************* to breed disunity in our ranks seems a lot more like their M.O. than actually correctly staffing this place.
They'd have to recall them pretty soon to get them here and trained up again before the summer rush hits.

I would love to believe it, but I just can't see them doing it before next spring. Hope I'm wrong on this. I have a few friends on the street I know could use the work.
I hope you're right; but during my PC this weekend my IP had no word of this.

That means it's probably true, the training department guys are the worst source of info here, except for the Chief Pilots. They are both mouthpieces for management.
i take a lot of personal interest in this topic, since i want my job back. however, honestly, i see only 2 possible ways that we get back before 2010, tons of retirements or as part of whatever the union negotiates with the management if they are able to provide us with a language change in the contract that will allow the JV with United while at the same time SOLIDLY protecting us from any of this mess that UAL is trying to do with Air Lingus. I know a lot of guys are freaked out about that, but all we need to do is cover our a$$es before we agree to anything. I think the JV could work out in our favor and be a good business opportunity, but we just have to be careful that we really protect ourselves before changing any scope language. CapnVegetto, I like your optimism, i am just not going to get excited about something that seems unlikely. assuming they don't put off the aircraft orders that are planned for 2010, hopefully that will get us back maybe with a little hiring. any other ideas???
I don't see it happening. They will not have time to get guys trained and in seats soon enough to impact the summer. If they can make it this summer, they can make it to April 2010. Mark your calendars boys and girls. April 2010 all furloughs recalled in one big bid.
I'd be lying if I didn't say there were selfish motives, LOL I'm trying to get on there, and want them to hire. Obviously before that can happen they have to recall, but I've been hearing for so long that this is going to happen by fall at the latest, and I believe it, because the company is already short now. The furloughs were done for nothing more than contract posturing, period, because just by pure logic, furloughing 150 guys on $30K first year pay then paying damn captains double time to cover the flying is just plain f-ing stupid. You're trading a $27 an hour employee for a $300 or more an hour employee for doing the SAME DAMN JOB, and this is not even counting the displacement costs, displacement training costs, and recall retraining costs. They're not saving a dime by doing this, and the only reason they're not back now is simply stupid, immature posturing. I see management's point of view, because they're doing their absolute damndest to paint a grim picture while they still can in a desperate attempt to shove another $hitty labor contract down the CAL pilots' throats before the new Democratic more pro-labor national mediation board can get involved. It's $hitty because it's nothing but a game, and these jerks are playing games with people's lives and livelyhood.

Things are going to get better there though, and most people I know are extremely optimistic about the future. I hope I get my shot there, but first things first, let's get the furloughees back.
You don't even work for CAL??? Does you father, uncle, mother, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, cousin, 2nd cousin........??

If not what is your source? I assumed you were hearing this stuff online and that perhaps there was a shred of reasonability but now I'm thinking not. Nothing personal, I just don't think you could have credible info.

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