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CAL pilots... 757 question re: BCN-EWR

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I flew with a senior FO on the 756 who was PlSSSED that the DH/IRO stuff had been reduced at CAL. Didn't care that it was actually safer to run three man crews eastbound, he wanted to stack up his month to 120hrs and couldn't do it or was stuck doing MAN and LHR, a couple of the few DH/IRO trips left in the system.

Heard the same complaints from 777 guys, too. Amazing.
Posted this from another thread, but seems worthwhile here....

Remember the FO this fall who was infuriated that some of the lines across the Atlantic went from DH to IRO? He was hired in the 90s, but was competely out for himself--and proud of it. THAT is the problem. Proud of it. No shame about his selfishness. How dare you touch his 110 hours a month with all the DH he was getting. The bottom third (1500) are the ones who get it as they came from regionals that had better work rules than CAL. They know what is possible and they're pissed off in a good way due to C-scale, no medical, furlough. The top third will never get it. They continually discover new ways to steal from their peers (this year: divorcing to get their lump sum then remarrying same person--stealing from the retirement fund of their fellow pilots). The middle third is the battle ground.
You've got guys high-fiving each other in ops over their "good fortune" to pick up open time or even captains flying in the right seat at time/half. Sometimes right in front of new guys displaced from where their home is in another base or on reserve when they used to have a line. They don't even know there are folks on furlough or worse they know and simply could care less.
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Wow, what a tool! Trust me, we have plenty of those over here in sky-nazi land, too.... Sad sate of affairs.

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