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Buying brand new B-350 - wish list ?

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Marriott Platinum Member
Dec 2, 2003
For the new Proline King Air operators, we are rumored to be buying a factory brand new King Air 350.

Any "wish list" items and "headache" items ? I heard the Quiet Cabin system was problematic and better to just not even get one.

Etc, etc. Thanks
Yeah, The 350 I'm on has had some issues with the quiet cabin so you can probably skip it. Just do what our boss man does. Bought himself a Bose noise cancelling head set and listens to music. Skip the brake deice system as well. It is hit or miss with the whole turning on/off thing so we never use it. Get a second FMS head and last but certainly not least get the XM satellite WX.
IFIS, XM Weather, but also get an EFB. It's nice to have a back up if you don't want to carry a bunch of charts. What do you do in the middle of nowheresville when the IFIS doesn't want to work.
Hi's Lo's and entire U.S. equate to 8 Jepp binders, all kept accessible in the baggage comp. IFIS and XM are fantastic, how did we ever do this before? The cabin on its own is actually pretty quiet. Pilots furniture sucks, a 3 hour chair at its best. Its a tight cockpit and Beech should have done a better job on keeping the driver a little more comfortable. Overall its a fantastic machine and a real performer.
I always recommend buying EVERY option unless money is a true issue (in which you probably shouldn't get buying a corporate aircraft).

Having every option will help ensure the most value at Resale or even Making/Breaking a sale...

Just my .02
??? ( : We got the best seats, the pilot seats are just not that comfy. The plane is loaded and I give it an A+, my butt and back are being the Russian judges in this medal event.

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