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Bailin' Eagle....maybe

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Active member
Aug 3, 2002
Here's the deal... I'm currently a 26-month Eagle RJ F/O... with absolutely no upgrade in sight for a very long time (most likely 5+ years). I've got about 3300 TT with less than 100 hrs turbine PIC in a King Air. Anyways, I've been offered a chance to fly divers in a King Air (all PIC... 50-70 hrs a month). Better pay too. So, do I leave my pt 121 SIC jet-job to pursue a job that will get me some turbine PIC?? The drawback I figure is this: A) It's turbine PIC, but no type-rating is required... will this still "count" down the road? B) I won't be flying to any destinations.. just in-n-out of the same airport all day long; C) all VFR. The positive are: A) no longer have to work for Eagle and deal with the low morale on a daily basis; B) better pay; C) get to live back where I'm from; D) turbine PIC.

I'm leaning towards bailing out of Eagle and taking this job. Any thoughts? I'll need to make a decision for sure within the next couple days. Thanks everyone!
Not that I have any experience, I'm still flying 135 freight , but from all the crap I constantly hear about Eagle, I would move back home, enjoy the pay raise, and have faith that your experience in the RJ at Eagle will make you more marketable at another airline (ASA or whoever you like). Enjoy the (relatively) stress free flying and wait for the market to get a little more solid (1-2 years??) then go for the airline you really want, if that is what you still want. I'm even thinking it's pretty cool to be at Flight Express right now until things get a little more solid. Although I do start salivating at the sight of RJs...............oh well, for what its worth
Turbine King Air PIC might help you get a PIC job in a 135 oufit or
a fractional.
The majors don't look/care about king Air PIC time.
Unless is in a B1900 and up. Though I heard of a guy that had 2000hrs PIC in a King Air 200 and got in with Southwest, he only had to spend 10 grand for the the 737type.
Maybe you should consider going to a commuter with a quick upgrade like Great Lakes, Commutair.
Good luck with your decision!!
Go for it , man! If nothing else, you can always get an interview at ASA, Comair, etc., with your 121 time you already have, down the road. Spend more time with your family, girlfriend, whatever, and enjoy some local flying. My insight is that you already have 121 time with a reputatble airline. You have a lot of line time, and have proven yourself a capable and able 121 pilot. There is little future at Eagle. Get another flying job, and enjoy yourself. If you want to return to the airlines, other regionals will snap you up. As for the majors, it's anyone's guess. But what do you have to lose?
life, liberty & the persuit of happiness

The life is not made to be filled with fear, disparagement and unhappiness.
Go for it!!!
I will leave China Airlines in Oct for a job with Netjets. Why? you operate under a tremendous pressure in CAL, each decision that a crew makes will probably come back to haunt you. Life is too short, go take that job and be happy day in and day out!
Be happy and fly safely.

Sign on the dotted line with the King Air, then bail on Eagle.

I was offered an interview at Eagle last August, but before they could get me out to Fort Worth, 9/11 happened and the interview disappeared. In retrospect, not going to Eagle probably worked out better for me.

Now, I'm flying a King Air corporate, earning about double what Eagle would pay. I say take the King Air job ... it's a good airplane, there's nothing wrong with PIC turbine time, and the pay and lifestyle improvements will mean a lot. Between Eagle and the King Air, your resume will look fine to any number of the top-tier regionals if and when you decide to go that route.

My only word of caution is to make sure the King Air job is a done deal before leaving Eagle ... it'd be rough to have it fall apart after you quit your airline job!

Good luck and fly safe!!

Maybe try taking a leave of abscence from Eagle, try out the king air job, and if you like it go ahead and quit Eagle. There's nothing worse than getting shafted by some 135 outfit or skydive outfit. Its happened time and time again.

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