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B.S. in Aero Science...required?

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Jun 8, 2002
Bachelor's in Aero Science...required?

Before you say anything about using the Search feature because this has been discussed 100's of times, I'd like to let you know now that I have. I've read (trudged) through all of the flight school/college debates on here and have seen all of your varying opinions on which route to take etc. The main thing I've come up with is that it is indeed a good idea to get a B.S. in something other than Aero Science (or whatever the university of choice calls it).

My question is this: Do you think that it is possible in the near future for airlins to start requiring Aero Science degrees because of the number of applicants? It seems logical to me to think that airliens would look to stem the flow (flood) of qualified applicants by adding on to the requirements for hiring. And I would think that changing the B.S. degree to a required Aero Science would make sense.

The again, this is based on only a few months of research into all of this (I only recently decided to pursue this career field, I'm a senior next year in high school). Right now I'm tryig to narrow down my college decisions and I'm debating Aero Science by itself vs. Meteorology with Flight (ala FIT :D ) vs. Meteorology by itself and flight training on the side. If an Aero Science degree is ever required (or if anyone evens begins to think that it might be) I'll definitely go for that option.

Any thoughts on this?
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I don't think airlines would ever require a certain type of degree Per Se. As long as you have a BS/BA.

The fact that you will have a degree in Aviation will not hurt.

Good Luck
What exactly is Aero Science? If they are going to get picky I would expect to see them require a BS in Engineering with a preference for Aerospace or Electrical...
No way, no how will that ever happen. Too many military aviators don't have aero degrees and anything that would eliminate them from competition is just not ever going to happen as long as there are former military pilots at any airline.

All the airlines care about is that you have a B.S. or B.A. or better from an accredited college. They won't change their requirements to require a B.S. in Aeronautical Science.

Personally, I like that degree. Wished I had one. It's not a bad choice. I also like the idea of getting the met degree. You could do quite a few things with that besides meteorology if you have to, such as teaching physics, etc.

Good luck with your decision.
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I seriously doubt it. Even a lucky few with no degree get hired by the airlines. I have a friend at Southwest that never finished. There is nothing wrong with pursuing this type of degree but don't think it is going to give you an edge or be a requirement.
Thanks for the replies guys....I really hadn't thought about the military side of things. I guess they are a major hiring pool for the airlines. Are they required to have a 4 year degree (or equivalent) from the military? I mean, I know that while in the service you can earn a 4 year degree...is that how it works for those who want to fly for the airlines?
Like everyone else said, it doesn't matter what the degree is in, they just would like to see a BA/BS

I might even recommend a degree outside of aviation. It just could be what you need to fall back on some unfortunate day.
I have a B.S. in Aeronautical Studies . . . and it is a worthless piece of paper. Avoid one of these degrees at all costs is my advice to you!! Get a degree in something you can fall back on. I am looking at going back to school during my furlough (which is getting longer now that NWA is furloughing another 40), because my "degree" keeps me from being competitive in several jobs that would work out nicely for me now.

I used to be in your position. I wanted the quickest route from A to B. Well, I got what I wanted. Do yourself a favor and back yourself up.
save yourself

go to law school and have someone fly you around.

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