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aww, how sweet.

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no shirt no shoes no dice
Jan 2, 2006
ASA furloughees, be on the lookout for your free turkey in the mail.
Good thing you have a union, ours were for a value up to $12.
how big of a turkey can you get for 12 bucks?
Only deli turkey. You might be able to get a cornish game hen though. Steal some mini liquors to have with your cornish game hen and pretend you're a giant. Who said ASA couldn't be entertaining.
Mine says I can get turkey or ham! I haven't seen the ham option before.

Last year, I donated my turkey coupon to the food bank. I'll let those suckers try to figure out how to get a turkey for 12 bucks ; )
Used to be up to 12 lbs turkey...so now it's up to $12?

Actually Bluefly, I think you are right. I believe it is up to a 12 pound, not 12 dollar turkey.

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