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Gettin' my JERK on!
Dec 15, 2001
I would have to agree with Yip, and say that I know for a fact that "Rufies" IS NOT on the Avolar property. I can say with 100% certainty of that!!! The short time that I have been w/A+, that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is focused on making this a standup, and standout operation!!!

There IS an uphill battle in regards to competition, that we have ahead of us, but thats going to be the fun part.
We have alot of folks on the property from large corporate backgrounds, that will help us for sure! The hiring is going on, and the planes are on track, so let the fun begin.

I've been through the 135/121 mill for years, and furloughed from three different carriers, and this quite frankly is the most exciting and promising opportunity, that I've been associated with!!!


Any updates on the hiring (other than the previous post of phone interviews)? Any rumors floating around on hiring? I read today where the first Gulfstream will be on property ~May. What about the Falcons, in particular, the 2000?

Sorry to bombard you with a bunch of Q's at once.


Hey 2K...I was in HQ today, and things are getting very exciting..Ok, call me what you want..We are still actively seeking folks w/time in type..60's, 50's,45's, BE-400's...we are shed. for 23 a/c by years end. We will be in DFW the end of week, doing interviews, and sim-evals...

So, if you're lucky enough to join us, WELCOME ABOARD!!!

Do you know if they have hired any over 60, retired airline folks ?
Are the DFW interviews by invitation only?
If not, can you say where the interviews are being held?

Gumby, thanks for the info. The only a/c I'm rated for in Avolar's future is the 2000. Guess I'll wait my turn;)

Thanks again for the response.


So far Avolar has not hired any over 60 guys, this seems to be tied to the portion of our certificate which will be under FAR 121. We are all hoping that down the road this will change.

The interviews in Dallas are invitation, those sucussfull in the phone prescreening move to this phase.

Current or previous time in type is certinaly a huge plus, especially if the time accompanies a rating. However, this does not seem to be a prerequisite. A handfull in the previous new hire class had to attend a full blown initial. All had a good amount of corporate background. If interested in Avolar, don't wait for your type to appear on the property, apply now. It can't hurt.

Best of luck to all.

Spinup, is there any other "application process" right now other than cut and past resumes on their website. I've been updating mine there every 45 days since June '01.

Thanks in advance.



Just wanted to say thanks for keeping so many pilots informed on what is happening. I have many UAL, AA, NWA, CAL, and even DAL friends on the street and I am doing what I can to help them stay informed by going to Union meetings, reading the ALPA site info, calling the hotlines and doing all I can to help them out in search of employment. My father was furloughed 3 times and I personally know the stress it brought to him and the family. So thanks again, and keep the info coming!

Hey Gumby & Spinup,

Do either of you know if any more UAL furloughees have been hired since the initial 15 ? Were any of these people "NOT" rated ? Because, I fully expect my letter soon for the March 1st "next round" of furloughs, I have been trying to find out as much as I can about the Avolar process. Such as, are they positively not going to call until a pilot is on the street ? I know that there is no guarantee (sp ?) that UAL pilots will be hired, I am just hoping that my qualifications will be attractive. I would bet that Avolar mngmt. has an general, if not vague, idea of how many total UAL pilots will be on the street.

As for the posts from doubters like Rufus, maybe a seperate post to bash the future of Avolar is more appropriate ? We all know about opinions !

I will say this, even though EJA has a sizable piece of the market, Avolar does have something to offer that EJA will never have unless they team up with a major carrier, that is "whole package" program. Avolar original intent was to bring back the business customer to UAL mainline. We all know that CEOs and other high ranking execs don't fly on the airlines, never have, and they have used a corporate jets or turboprops all along. It is the middle management that does the majority of the travel on the scheds and this will certainly be the focus of Avolar's and UAL's efforts, package deals. Kind of a "win/win" for all, A good CEO can recognize good ticket prices for his people while he himself is flying around in his or her private jet. Not to say that a private jet is a toy either, I truely believe that a private plane is a great business tool as has been proven by statistics of the fortune 500. Time will tell and I think Avolar has as good of chance as any. EJA is a great company and will prosper, what a concept ! Avolar sees this and as a result, is hiring great people to ensure success. If EJA has set the standard then all that can happen is that it can be improved by someone else, Avolar has a great business plan. As far as investors, ther are a lot of people out there itching to get into the next "best thing". Wait, watch, and listen.

Best of luck to everyone involved.


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