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Avantair hiring

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Jun 9, 2008
I saw an ad this morning on bizjetjobs that Avantair is looking for FO's. I applied there a few months ago and didn't hear a thing. Does anybody know the secret to getting a job there? I'm probably under a stack a mile high, but then again why would they feel the need to advertise. Any insight?
My understanding is that they are accepting resumes, but not hiring at the moment. MAYBE summer.

Everyone is in "wait and see" mode to see if the economy picks up.
No furloughs, wrong thread. I would like to add, get a clue, but that would be rude.


just asking.....id like to add, nice attitude...be proud you're helping to give FI it's reputation.

Did you read anything bad about my post?...my point being if they are hiring and I though they had pilots on furlough. That was my question. You answered it in a rather rude manner......thanks though.
Yeah, I did read something bad about your post. A little research, a little short term memory, pretty quickly you would find out we didn't furlough. Get over it. Don't take this site so seriously.
Hey, Brokeflyr, I apologize for being rude. Like most, I don't like to see my company run down. Please accept my apologies.

Regards, Wacoflyr
np....I wasnt running it down.....My fear was they were tring to hire with pilots on furlough.....that's was I was asking. Since you have none on furlough then it isnt an issue.

Take care.

You really are rude even with your feeble attempt to apologize. He asked a polite, legitimate question that in no way appeared to "run down your company." People like you with anger issues make this site suck sometimes.
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