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August SWA Classes ???

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SWA Line Swine
Dec 6, 2001
Okay, I know we haven't even got the July class finalized and started yet, but I was wondering what the rumors are for classes in August. I had heard from a friend that a Chief Pilot was saying 2 classes in August. Other sources say similar things, but until they are official I will be looking for good rumors at every opportunity. Any of you current employee number holders have any insight? Since I have little else to do with my time right now, posting to this website is my "employment". Anyway, Happy 5th, Peace and Love.

Senority #?

Gee Slug.... haven't even started class yet and your wondering how soon you are going to have bodies under you on the senority list!?!?!? :p

Must be nice to be in such a GREAT place.... #15, wow! wish I were up that high, whenever they get around to updating the SWAPoolie list, looks as if I'll be around 80.

Have a great day! Have FUN in DAL, hope to see you fluin' the line soon - KB
Boredom has set in

Fear, Sarcasm, Ridicule...the best teaching tools of an IP.

Its not that I'm looking for seniority....its just the boredom thing setting in. Unfortunately I'm not as motivated as some of these other furloughed folks who have been energetic and gone out and found other jobs. Oh, I have found other "domestic" jobs to keep me busy, but I can only strip so much wallpaper, fold so much laundry, paint so many walls before I go crazy. I guess I'm just jealous of all the 15 July folks going to Dallas. Additionally, with the high-speed internet I end up checking this board about once every four hours, so I do feel the need to participate. Next week its back to the grind in DelRio so I've got to get all my flightinfo.comming in this week. Gotta go coach Little League baseball; later,

yea, bandwidth RULES!!

boredom... don't have time for such silly things... nice to be flying - AND getting paid for it -

TOTAL agreement on the waiting game..... trying no to think about it does NOT work.... it raises it's ungly head and keeps reminding you - "hey, I'm still here... you still have not been called for a class date... you can run - but you can't HIDE!!"

Have a great weekend... off to PDX, CRQ, HOU, PHX, MDW, PHX & CRQ for me, then 7 days off!!!

Catch you all in a few days - KB:)
KB- do you work out of Carlsbad? If you do where? I still have friends from that place working there and I wanted to see if you knew any of them.

Nope not based in CRQ. Just pass thru there quite often... live in the PHX area. I have met quite a few folks there however, we may know some of the same people??
SWA 727

Hey Jimbo, thanks for the encouragement.

Picture of SWA 727 came from www.airliners.net
Its a very good website for finding pictures of almost any airline/plane in the world. Some have descriptions or discussions. Very good search algorithms (sp?)

In the early days SWA had some other models.


p.s. Franklin Heat is 1-0 in tournament play!
Approximate numbers for this year

The numbers I've heard from reliable sources at THIS POINT is SWA will add about a total of 250+ pilots for the entire '02 year. This includes whatever we have added so far this year. I know others have done the numbers to determine "precisely" (relative term on any website talking about rumors) what this equates to. Here are some reasons the company probably won't announce anymore "hard" classes for awhile.

1. Lots of contracts coming up & projected costs to the company on these are hard to project. Pilots, Mechanics (yes they are slowing things down at times IMHO to put pressure on the company), FAs. Until these items get resolved the company is going to be conservative in adding pilots. FAs/SWA talks are moving slowly & talk is FAs will hopefully use the holidays as leverage to get what they want. You don't want extra pilots floating around if there are going to be slowdowns.

2. June numbers shows folks are coming back but still not at last year's pace. On top of that the yields are still weak due to low pricing & programs to encourage folks to come back (Friends fly Free program).

3. New classes will only be announced with 2-3 weeks notice simply because this allows the company to be extremely flexible in handling new costs.

4. Uncertainity in the economy & flyers. Things are coming back slower than before, the other carriers are still struggling & will continue to struggle for sometime....market opportunities will continue to be there.

5. Readers/folks looking for jobs with SWA view 2-4 months as a long time. The company has the capability to either respond very quickly (because of great capital assets & vision) or slowly if necessary. SWA has had the patience & vision to lay a longterm roadmap out there to follow but isn't afraid to jink quickly if the opportunity presents itself. Whether the opportunity is there is the question. Each method can be advantageous depending on the situation. Only the former is good for a pilot looking for a job. The latter makes us all in to domestic gods!

I wish I could be more optimsitic & say there were new classes for Aug already scheduled (there may well be some in a strategic visions somewhere but it won't come out until just prior to the classes) but I can't. But what I can honestly say is SWA will continue to aggressively grow at a rate that the companies feels is in the long term interest of the company & its employees.

Hope you had a great 4th, God Bless
Take any flying job you can get. Staying current is most important in aviation. It's easy to find a job when you have one. Don't worry about taking a job because you'll give it right back to some other needed soul when SWA calls. Just my two cents. Good luck. Have fun.:cool:
YA Have to plan on the worst...

I was in the school house last week, and the Dir. of Training spoke to our class. He said the following...
1. A July 15th class of new-hires (20).
2. Maybe a class in late August, maybe not.
3. That could be it for the year.
4. 40+ reserves coming back from fighting the Taliban.
5. Net of 5 aircraft next year could result in only 4 or 5 new classes next year.
I know, it sounds bad, but I am sure that that it is the worst case scenario. If I were in the pool, and had a chance fly somewhere else temporarily, I would do it. Hopefully things will change and we'll have 15 classes this year...

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