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Attention Pranksters!!!!

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Well-known member
Apr 24, 2006
Hey guys - a friend of mine got me pretty good the other day so it's time for payback! I have a few ideas but I'm looking for a few more GOOD ones. I'm talking about stuff that will embarrass the devil himself.

What do you have??

In college we would always sprinkle fruit punch cool aid powder in our buddies bed sheets at night. As the body would sweat it would mix with the cool aid powder hence turning the victim red...be sure to get a little on his pillow.
This one could work if he uses a laptop in public and you can get it from him for a few minutes. Download audio from a porno and set it to start playing when the laptop is turned on.
Send a couple male cop strippers to his place of work and fake arrest him for something. Have 'em cuff him to the chair and let the hilarity ensue.
A cardboard cut-out of a cock and balls covered in tin foil slipped under the lining of his over night bag. This should be fun at the TSA circus.:)
Everything above is amature. Put an ad in the Sunday local edition of the washington post titled "free monkey to good home, bartender trained, comes with shock collar" leave your buddy's home, office and cell number. The calls begin at around 5am est and never stop. you get the nut jobs really interested in having a pet monkey and all of the peta nutjobs pissed about the shock collar. if you really want to get him, give his address and say there will be an open house for interested parties to meet the monkey. Works every time
can't go wrong with a good ole Upper Decker.

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