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Are you going to bid around Sept. 11th?

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A serious CRM problem!
Dec 1, 2001
Just wanted to get a feeling for what others may be thinking. I intend on bidding around September 11th. I am really not interested in flying on that date.

What about you?
I'm sorry, I don't have an answer to your posted question, but I love your profile. Hilarious! :)
Why bid around it?

There is NO WAY I will let some Fuc*&% muslim extremist piece of shi*# affect my choise how to schedule before, on or after Sept11.
I will do as I always do in bidding lines: time off vs pay and routes.

If I happend to work on Sept11, I would not mind flying one of our daily LGA flights.

Any way I will send my prayers and have all victims of Sept11 in my mind.

I was in the air flying Sept 11th last year, I'll fly that day this year and every year to come. Tintube has it right. No way those extremist mfs should get the pleasure of seeing this whole country shut down. We may be doing it thinking we honor the memory of the victims, but they see it as marking their act of terrorism. F 'em and fly on!

Salute the victims by ending your takeoff clearance with a resounding "Lets Roll!"
I'm going to try and fly on September 11. I imagine that any pax who is brave enough to fly then will probably board ready and willing to kick someone/anyone troublemakers butt. Matter of fact, I feel for any middle Easterner/Muslim who has to fly that day.
On that day...

I echo the points above. I plan to try to make it a point to fly on that day, with hate in my heart and vegenence on my mind. Say a prayer for the innocents who died and a curse for those who planned and did it.

My .02

Oh H - E double hockey sticks YES

Without a shadow of a doubt, I plan to be in the air that day. Whether I'm in the cockpit or in the back, I think its a great opportunity for everyone who can fly for free to show they are not going to let terrorist's win!

I believe ALPA, APA etc. . . should encourage all employee's to passride that day if able to show support of Enduring Freedom, the airline industry and all of the victims and hero's of 9/11/01.

If you agree with this and are planning to fly..please reply and show your support!

Thank You and God Bless America!
It will probably be the safest day of the year to fly.
NO, I hope you mean that you're going too bid around it because you want to go some sort of memorial. If not you are a COWARD. What Batman said is correct. Don't forget you can always play Jason with the crash ax if one of these idiots gets on your flight. I won't be hitting them with the blunt end if they do.

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