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APA proposes pay scale for AE

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Well-known member
Feb 5, 2002
Heard today from an instructor that APA came out with a pay scale for American Eagle aircraft. I think it might be posted on the ALPA website. ALPA site has been down for the last few hours.
How can the APA propose a pay scale for Eagle pilots when the APA does not represent AE pilots?

APA wants to combine Eagle into AA so there is no one flying AA passengers other than AA.

This is want APA wants in Section 6 talks:


They are willing to STRIKE over the RJ issue!!! It is their biggest tenstion with AMR at this point, and AMR wants relief from the ASM cap.
clarify something for me please...are the rj's going to be flown by american pilots or eagle pilots if this thing happens? thanks!
The way I understand it is that the AA/TWA furloughs would be recalled and the AE pilots would be merged onto the APA seniority list (probably stapled on the bottom). Seniority would then determine the aircraft flown. So to answer your question, with my limited and possibly incorrect knowledge, is both. The question that needs to be answered is, in the unlikely event managment agrees to this, would more AE pilots be furloughed? Or will the company resume turbo-prop routes that were cancelled as a result of the ASM cap enacted by the AA/TWA furloughs?
There's about zero chance of this. AMR has a virtually 12 year free ride on AE's contract. Doubt that APA can compel AMR to combine companies.
Yep, draginass is right... but once those 12 yrs are up, AMR is really going to have to pay up big time.

Once people get shafted, they learn how to not let it happen again.
The way I read the agenda, was that pay rates for Eagle aircraft was one of the things to be negotiated. No one knows how seriously this will or won't be taken by the APA pilots and AMR management.

The APA leadership would like to get Eagle pilots over to the APA list by a means to be determined. Management will oppose this with everything the have. It would cost too many of the managers their jobs for them to want to do this no matter how much sense it makes.

Is the RJ issue something APA would strike over? Most certainly I would think. Is moving Eagle over to the APA list something they would strike over? Probably not, but who knows.

Just one poor Eagle pilots opinions though.


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