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Any RegionsAir pilot out there?

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Feb 28, 2005
Hi, I am a new hire in the Jan class. Want to know if a commute from ORD is manageable. What's the likelihood of being told to fly out of elsewhere other than STL? I appreciate any input.
You have been warned.

I'm an ex rejects pilot. I can think of 1000 reasons to keep you out of there. Is there no other airlines hiring? PM me anytime.


Where art thou?
The commute would be easy, but if you are thinking of it as a career move go ahead and shoot yourself now. Get some time and get out ASAP. Great pilot group, but TERRIBLE HR and morale. I would go as far as saying its some of the worst in the industry, especially the HR department! It might sound real good right now, especially seeing how your current position is a "flap operator." Run away, run far far away, if you can! Good luck to you, and your bank account. They will be in our prayers.

P.S.- Listen to the man about the 1000 reasons!
P.S.S.- Belch has just moved to greener pastures! CONGRATS BELCH!
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Congrats on your class date. The truth is, Regions is not a bad place to get experience. The J32 is one of the toughest planes to fly out there, so its gonna make you a better pilot. After a few months flying for a 121 carrier any regional out there will take you in a heart beat.(keep in mind if you leave within a year you have to pay back some of the $7000+) Anyway, if you get an offer at any other airline, TAKE IT.
Fblowjets said:
8AF, is that an American Flyers tail number? Also nice pic of the J-41 cockpit.

Not American Flyers; the last 3 letters of my plane.
Thanks, a J-41 operates by a foreign government.
Belch is moving on?!?! Where is he going? GS isn't going to be a supersenior J-ball capt anymore? HOLY CRAP the scotch is gonna have to be on me, congrats man!
QOL? Have you ever been to Ft. Wood. Take a trip and tell me what you think.

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