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Any new info on Continental Airlines? Future hiring?

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Read up on some of the older threads. The short of it is we have 147 on furlough, and they tried to furlough approx 150 more this fall. Furlough mitigation efforts stopped the extra bunch going onto the street.

I would say no movement until next year. When is a big question I think everyone is asking.

My 2 cents, but I think the company is waiting until Nov to see how many retirement letters come in (Lump Sum is changing to a corporate bond/GATT combo). That will determine our next couple of system bid requirements.

Not so positive is the bottom line. Wish I could say otherwise...
Recent announcements from inside include more commitment for the 787 as well as keeping all the 767's on property when the 787's arrive. It was said previously that we would probably start to phase out the 767-200's when the 787's came on property. CAL has decided to keep all wide-body aircraft on property and add to them with the additional 777's and the 787's. We get our first 787 at around #39 off the line. We are firming up our delivery slots in the form of shifting around delivery spots on other Boeing aircraft. Still getting 737's in 2010 as well as 2 777's and 4 757-300's.
My guess on hiring would be late 2010 or early 2011. New FAA rest rules to be out later this year and in effect late next year along with additional airframes and a slight economic turnaround should result in more block hours flown vs. 2009 and thus recalls and the possibility of hiring in 2010. A new contract late next year with the work rule changes expected will surely result in significant hiring for 2011. Sorry for the hint of optimism but I think things are going to start turning around soon.

Great googly moogly that is the most painful avatar.....

Bulls don't like blue leotards, I guess...

IAHERJ: Good info, but I won't be holding my breath on that contract. I wouldn't be surprised if we go well into 2011 or beyond. RETRO PAY baby...

Everything else you said though is a safe bet.
This place sucks.... Stay where you are... I wish I had

Are you kidding? I have 0.0 (zero) hours for Sept and am still getting paid 76 hours blended on 756...

If I would have stayed where I was (ASA) I would get probably 70 bucks an hours and fly all month in a crappy little airplane.....

So, how does this place suck???

CAL sucks the same way the DAL/UPS/FedEx/Cathay/Emirates, and about everyone else also sucks. Some pilots are completely unhappy at fed up at all of the above carriers.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say recalls in April 2010 and hiring in April 2011. That's BEST CASE scenario. The reality could be much worse. The other side is a merger with UAL leading to a combined debt more than all the nations of South America combined and a slow bleeding death by the new and improved Calnited. 50 billion in debt, mis matched fleets, angry employees and no real business plan. That's probably the real future.

Good luck!
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