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Any Alaska Info?

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Alaska Airlines Interview

Hey Cmonboard or anyone who's interviewed with Alaska lately,

Does Alaska still have 3 phases for their interview? Do they still want the "silver bullet". What about their medical eval-or is a 1st class all they want.

Thanks for your reply
I interviewed on the 15th and 16th. The "old" stuff on fly for food is still current. They are only calling people that have applied prior to 9/11 and have silver bullets. That is what HR said anyway.

I was just informed that I will be in the 7/8/02 class as well. Hope to see you there!!!
Welcome Aboard!

Mach None: This is the industry's best kept secret. Although, lately I think the secret's leaking.
Thursday May 30, 11:37 pm Eastern Time
Alaska Air: Will Grow 9% In 2002, Horizon Air To Grow 12%

FAIRBANKS , Alaska -(Dow Jones)- Alaska Air Group Inc. expects its Alaska Airlines to "grow" 9% in 2002, and its Horizon Air to "grow" 12% for the year.

A company spokesman wasn't immediately available to clarify the growth projection.

In a press release Thursday, the airline also said it will exercise options with Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA - News) for two next-generation Boeing 737s, each worth about $50 million including engines and spare parts.

The airplanes are scheduled for delivery in 2003.

In addition, Alaska Air changed a previous order with Boeing for a 120-seat Boeing 737-700 to a 172-seat Boeing 737-900.

With existing orders and the conversion of options, the airline's fleet will total 109 airplanes by the end of 2003, seven more than the current level.

Alaska Air also said its shareholders approved at the annual meeting a proposal for a long-term incentive equity plan for key employees and officers and an employee stock purchase plan. Also approved was a shareholder proposal to implement simple majority voting
It is indeed a recommendation. From someone there that has flown with you and knows you. Not one that is just given away, they hold a lot of weight there at Alaska.

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