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Another dumb question...im full of them!

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
OK....for those of you that watch too much tv when in the bullpen/reserve here is the question:

In the red corner....we have the evere popular croc hunter..Steve Erwin.

In the blue corner we have he long haired Many and his two partners..the camera dude and that hot chick!!:p

In the final corner is this guy...Nigel..hes on discovery channel..a british dude..who did a big how on sharks in south africa.

If they were to battle it out......WHO WOULD WIN?!!?

I vote for Many, because i think he is even crazier than the croc hunter, and Nigel seems a little dorky to be a good fighter. I dont think he really gets to close to the animals like many and the croc hunter.

What do you think....

Dude, you must be sitting in a crashpad on reserve bored as hell..Like me..haha

I choose Croc Hunter, He is a nut...I swear we are going to see it on the news one day about him getting killed by a snake or croc or something, Damm guy just takes to many chances, but I still like watching him..


if you dont like it, dont read it....simple as that. Just trying to change things up a bit. there is more to life than just aviation and flying.

SDdriver....true, croc is nuts, but have you seen that Many guy...he is even more nuts.....in my opinion.

Depends on the color of the final corner. Knowing the british guy is standing in it I'll bet it's really tacky.

aviation is pretty general....while flying is a specific aspect of aviation.

Hows atl??

Croc Hunter

I would have to say, The Croc Hunter would kick some butt over the others.
My vote is for Many. I still have no idea how he can hold his breath under water for 5 minutes, and literally ride sharks on the ocean floor. Then again, the croc hunter is a pretty tough guy.

Nobody ever said where this fight was taking place. If its in the outback, then the croc hunter might win. If its near an ocean, or in the water, then Many would wail on the croc hunter and Nigel at the same time.
1 more vote for Steve. Dude is nuts. Aligators, snakes, lizards, ugly chicks, whatever, Steve will grab it.

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