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ALPA Endorses GJ Hiring

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Oct 5, 2005
This is the U MEC code-a-phone from 11/1/2005.
November 1, 2005
This is Jack Stephan with a US Airways MEC update for Tuesday, November 1st, with four new items.

Item 1. The MEC convened its special meeting today and received a report from the US Airways members of the Joint Negotiating Committee. This was followed by a report from ALPA International President, Captain Duane Woerth, on industry retirement and insurance issues. The MEC spent the remainder of the day in closed session receiving further reports on the status of joint negotiations and equity distribution issues. The special MEC meeting recessed at 5:45 p.m. and will reconvene at 90 a.m. tomorrow morning in Conference rooms 14 and 15 at the ALPA Herndon office, 535 Herndon Parkway, Herndon VA. Taxis are the available transportation to the ALPA Herndon office. All US Airways pilots are encouraged to
attend the meeting, but please be advised that portions may be in closed session.
The meeting notice and agenda are posted on the pilots only home page under "What's New."

Item 2.
By mutual agreement between ALPA and US Airways management, MDA negotiations have been deferred until after the arbitrator has issued his decision in the Wexford/Republic arbitration. Recall that this decision is expected in mid-November. Once these talks have resumed, they will continue until their completion.

Item 3.
The Flight Security Committee is reminding all pilots that they must take their bags off of the airplane for inspection when going through customs. Recently, crews on a through-flight from the Caribbean to CLT have been leaving their bags on the plane instead of taking their bags through customs. Please remember that if you are required to clear customs, so do your bags. If you do not bring your bags through customs with you, you could be fined 5,000 dollars. Please contact your Flight Security committee with any questions or concerns. Their contact formation is available on the Flight Security Committee webpage on the pilots only website.

Item 4. Pace Airlines, headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is planning to hire pilots soon for various domiciles. They are seeking pilots with experience on the B-737 and B-757. Also, GJs, a commuter airline headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is planning to hire pilots. To learn more about job reuirements and how to apply, click on "Job Openings" under the MEC Fast Links on the pilots only website. Please remember we now have 1,574 pilots on furlough with approximately 400 pilots currently working
at MDA or Jets For Jobs carriers.
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Draginass said:
What do you expect? The US Air old farts are the biggest ho's out there.

And what do YOU expect? These guys were furlouged back 18 years, screwed over on the Mid-Atlantic deal, and lost recall rights with the USAir merger with America West.

THEY PAID THEIR DUES. Repatedly. And they're f'd. More power to them if they want to fly ANYWHERE.

Repeat after me: GJ's pilots are NOT SCABS. And I sincerely doubt these 25+yr airline veterans give a rats ass what some 3 year regional pilot thinks about anything.
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Air Wisconsin ALPA is openly against the GJ's operation. They were looking for volunteers to attend the Perdue University Aviation Career Fair on Nov. 3rd. to help discurage pilots from applying at GJ's. We'll see how that turns out.
The UsAirways MEC has made a grievous error and it will be corrected with a retraction very soon.

U does not support that airline in any way shape or form.
Shrek said:
The UsAirways MEC has made a grievous error and it will be corrected with a retraction very soon.

U does not support that airline in any way shape or form.

Shrek is now the official spokesman of UsAir's MEC.......
"........and lost recall rights with the USAir merger with America West."

This is what I sent to ALPA about that code a phone

I would like to know why I read a Code-a-phone By the US Airways MEC that discussed airlines that were hiring. It seems in the code-a-phone Jack Stephan discussed Go Jets Airlines. Specifically he mentioned that they were hiring.

I would like to know why ALPA has come out against the formation of Go Jets Airlines but yet other ALPA carriers encourage their pilots to apply? This race to the bottom must stop. Lets remove are collective heads from our APU's and get with the program. I am fed up with ALPA trying to react instead of being proactive.


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